Care and maintenance

How to care for your footwear

Here are a few tips for getting the best from your shoes and boots.

Remember to clean and protect your shoes regularly using the correct product. Always make sure you are using the appropriate shoe care for your footwear, follow the instructions. Cleaning and protecting your footwear will keep them looking their best for longer. 

Top Tips

  • Some of our shoes are machine washable, please check before you machine wash them. There will be clear instructions provided if they are suitable for machine washing. Skechers have some great styles which are machine washable.
  • None of our footwear is waterproof unless clearly stated
  • If your shoes get soggy always let them dry naturally (stuffing them with newspaper can help them to keep their shape) Avoid using ay artificial heat.
  • Most heel tips, leather soles, laces and insoles can be replaced to prolong the life of your shoes or boots. Changing laces can give a pair of shoes a new fresh look for minimal spend. It's recommended to alternate between your favourite pairs to prolong their life.
  • Heavily dyed leather uppers are not colourfast and some dye transfer may occur.
  • Never use sharp objects on or near your shoes.

Combination Cleaner

If your shoes are marked or just need a freshening up, try our combination cleaner spray it's a neutral colour can be used on any material and colour. It will add moisture to leathers, freshen up nubuck and clean canvas. It's also great for freshening up handbags, jackets and small leather goods.

Waterproof Protector Spray

To prevent your favourite footwear getting ruined in the bad weather, treat them first with our protector spray, leave it to dry and it will prevent them from becoming watermarked. You can treat them multiple times to make sure they keep as good as new.


Just like our own skin needs taking care of, leather is exactly the same treat it with love and care. Dubbin is great for restoring the waxy coating and smoothing out scratches and marks. Buffing the uppers of your leather footwear with a dubbin or waxed leather conditioner with bring them back to life.

Suede Brush

Gently cleaning your suede and nubuck shoes with a suede brush or block will keep them looking good as new. Always use a water resistant protector spray on suedes and nubucks to prevent water damage.

How to clean patents?

High shine patent leathers or glossy man made materials can be kept shiny and new with a damp cloth, wiping them over to get rid of any dirt. Try buffing with a clean dry cloth to restore that shine.