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In 2005 the ZEN Air brand was born to a team that believes in results they are a young and dynamic team.The ZEN Air shoes are designed with an exclusive feature that allows air to exchange between the inside and outside of the footwear. This makes ZEN Airshoes more comfortable for everyday life.

ZEN Air are a company that concentrateon the design of their footwear to be absorbent, fresh feeling and work inperfect harmony with their customer. Step by Step the foot naturally compresses the micro-valves which are positioned on the sole of the shoes, Which via tiny holes releases stale air that has built up in the shoes whilst being worn. These tiny holes are also watertight to add to the comfort and feel of theirshoes. 

Their Mission: 

The spirit of the

Commitment, passion and determination are the watch words on which Zen Air bases its philosophy, aphilosophy that lives in footwear models attractive, comfortable, practical andhealthy.

The welfare of the foot

The idea of well-being of the foot guide in every stage production of the footwear, the first draft of the model to the selection of the materials. The sole addition to the technology component, have shapes, sizes and materials that prefer the convenience of each line, increasing its value, the materials researched and selected strictly in Italian tanneries, which in turn allow a comfortable fit that adapts to every shape of foot .

Study and Research

Study and research have always been the business imperative. On the one hand, attention to the dictates of fashion with a pattern inside the company that also relies on outside designers to develop new solutions, the focus of other research Zen Zen'spatented Air sole, which is based on a principle microvalves that with themovement of the foot creating a massaging effect on the sole contributing to a continuous exchange of air giving a pleasant feeling of well being and comfort.

So if you are looking for sandals and shoes that are designed to keep your feet fresh and comfort then ZEN Air is the brand for you.

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