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Vans began in 1966 as The Van Doren Rubber Company; a small brand, based in California, making and selling a type of deck shoe.

The brand continued to expand and, during the 70s, when the skateboarding scene exploded in Southern California, skaters everywhere started sporting Vans shoes. Vans shoes, with their gripping rubber soles, were perfect for skateboarding and, as a sport that began on the streets, its participants loved the rugged edgy aesthetic of the shoes. 

In the mid seventies, skateboarding legends Tony Avla and Stacy Peralta were invited to design a pair of Vans sneakers, shoes that would later become known as the iconic Vans Era shoe. With a cushioned padded collar, a non-slip sole and bright funky coloured patterns, the Vans Era shoe became THE shoe of choice for skateboarders.

Further improvements were made to the Vans shoe’s performance, and with help form the skateboarding and BMX communities the Vans shoe became popularised all over California. 

Vans shoes future as an international brand was sealed in 1982 after an appearance in the iconic teen-comedy ‘Fast Times At Ridgemont High’. Today Vans shoes are popular worldwide and the brand has become everyone’s best-loved small company.

The brand has several popular ranges; the Vans Era, Vans Original Classics, Vans Old Skools, Vans Authentic and Vans 106 Vulcanized. Each season these classic Vans designs are given a new lease of life with vibrant colours and funky prints inspired by modern fashion trends.

Vans still maintain their strong links with the skate and BMX communities, sponsoring events, competitions and teams.

Vans are also a major sponsor of many music tours and the brand has a healthy relationship with underground music scenes. Rock-stars, musicians and music fans alike wear Vans shoes.

Popularised by street sports and music scenes, Vans shoes are here to stay and are fast becoming one of the most desired items on the high street. 

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