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Fish ‘N’ Chips – Shop the collection of shoes and trainers from Fish ‘N’ Chips footwear.

Fish ‘N’ Chips is one of the tastiest footwear brand around at the moment, Base London have come up with on a on-trend, which take inspiration from heavy graphics, music and modern culture.

Base London has named this footwear collection after the good old fashion Fish ‘N’ Chips, Yummy!






Fish ‘N’ Chips are created by the forward fashion thinking footwear brand Base London, who has been producing high street fashion shoes since 1995.


With a menu of styles to choose from there will be something for every fashion conscious guy, Whether you need something to wear for a few pints down the pub with your mates or to strut your stuff on the dance floor in these are definitely what you will need.


Taking their inspiration from music and modern youth culture, Fish ‘N’ Chips are one step ahead of their competitors.


If you want to know more about Fish ‘N’ Chips footwear then check out the Fish ‘N’ Chips menu below.






Fish ‘N’ Chips are made from either leather or a manmade material, depending on what style you go for.




Fish ‘N’ Chips Rod






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