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About Dunlop

Dunlop was first started back in the 1870’s, with the plimsoll being one of the first style they produced. Ever since Dunlop changed the way people think about casual footwear they have become the most popluar retro footwear brand in the world. Dunlop are so popular we reckon that nearly everyone will or would have owned a pair of the Dunlop trainers. Dunlop are also known for their high quality and knowledge of sport footwear, producing footwear for many famous sport stars. Dunlop and sport go hand and hand! When Dunlop are making the trainers they will always have 3 main elements that must go into every shoe. Quality, Functional design and Durability, making them a must for any fashion conscious, highly active individual! Material Dunlop makes their shoes from the high quality of materials. Styles Women’s Dunlop Green Flash 1555 Trainers Men’s Dunlop Green Flash 1555 Trainer Men’s Dunlop Volley Trainer Men’s Dunlop 1987 Flash Trainer