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Dr Martens

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About Dr Martens

Dr Martens – Shop the collection of Shoes and Boots from Dr Martens Footwear.

Dr Martens the brand has been built on the theory of being different, standing for something different. 

The collaboration of Bill Griggs, Dr Maertens and Dr Funck hatched something incredible, the legend that is Dr Martens was born on the 1st April 1960. Dr Maertens and Dr Funck, were inventor, mavericks and free thinkers. After a ski injury the pair invented an air cushioned sole and were hunting for like minded innovators and so the relationship with Bill Griggs became and the iconic air cushioned soled boots.

 In the 1960's Dr Martens were the brand of choice for a generation of rebelling teenagers. Rebelling the normal 'ordinary' style of their elders. Subculture was exploding all over the world and Dr Martens were involved as they are today almost 6 decades later.

Today a pair of DM's, Doc Martens or Dr Martens (however you choose to refer to them) remains a style statement. Not just for the rebellious youth but also as a comfortable, unbeatable quality boot which just gets better and better with wear. Much like it's owner!

Dr Martens shoes and Dr Martens boots are a out spoken brand that will always encourage you to speak you mind, to set free your creativity, inspire and fuel your identity. With the comfort and style at the front of their minds. Your future fits their heritage and your future is their future.

The Contruction of The Iconic Dr Marten Boot


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