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Why Wearing The Best Shoes Can Boost Your Confidence and Willpower

When you look in the mirror and know you look good, it makes the world of difference to your confidence and overall well-being. We all want to look our best no matter where we are and when we do, we find that we are glowing from the inside out. Clothes can either make you feel fearless or fearful and it’s about how you wear them and what you wear that makes all the difference. The real appeal of great fashion is that it can empower you to hold up head up high and face the world and any challenges you may face.  When it comes to shoes they say an awful lot about you and a bright bold colour or feminine style can really elevate your mood and aura. Shoes of course are primarily functional, and ultimately serve to protect our feet from uncomfortable surfaces, harsh elements and bad weather. However as time has passed shoes are now about more than practicality. The evolution of the shoe has coincided with the transformation of fashion over time, and you can now choose shoes which closely match with your own individuality and uniqueness. In this article we will look at the positive impact of wearing a great pair of shoes and how certain shoes – specifically Ruby Shoo shoes can elevate your style status.

Investing In A Great Pair Of Shoes
Buying shoes should be about making a good investment and buying something which is not only fashionable- but that will last. You shouldn’t be afraid to spend some money on a great pair of shoes. Of course it is easier to buy a pair of cheap shoes and keep replacing them, but in the long run you will be missing out on money you could have saved. A great pair of feminine shoes whether heels, courts, or flats are timeless and can see you go from season to season. Choosing to buy a wonderful pair of good quality shoes is something you’ll never regret. Not only is it a financially smart choice, but you’ll feel so much more confident knowing that your shoes are not only adorable, but something that will last a very long time.
Invest In Your Shoes And They Will Invest In You

When we choose to invest in our shoes we are saying: I am worth a good pair of shoes, I am investing in my look, my fashion and my identity. The truth is that if you invest in your shoes, your shoes will invest in you. If you love your shoes they will love you back and provide you years of great comfort and style!


Ruby Shoo: A Fabulous Feminine Heel
If you’re looking for a real confidence booster and need some adorably feminine footwear, Ruby Shoo should be your number one choice. With a range of styles, colours and heel sizes on offer, there’s bound to be something to make you feel as awesome as you are! Many of the heels available are demure and yet very chic and this means you can attend a range of functions and never look out of place. For a more casual style that will have you feeling your best every day you should check out the range of low heeled pumps on offer. A great choice would be the June low heeled pump at Ruby Shoo, which comes in a retro fabulous black and white striped pattern, and features red trim and bow detailing. If you’re interested in ramping things up and taking your style status to ultra-glamorous then you should check out the Sonia jewel courts, which will have you feeling you most confident if you’re out for a night on the town. These stunning shoes come in a silver colour and feature small grey roses with pearls on the front.

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