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Tips for January blues & how to feel more positive in 2022

It’s been said and almost certainly proven by this point that January is the hardest month for many of us to get through. The month itself is long and the cold and dark nights make it feel like an eternity of freezing rain and dull days. It can be so hard to feel motivated and stay on track with any new year resolutions you may have made not to mention who really wants to get fit and eat healthy when it’s bleak and miserable outside and netflix alongside a duvet... Read More

Reduce, Re-use & Recycle Your Shoes…

The sustainability of fast fashion and the huge amount of products entering landfill daily is having a largely negative impact on our environment. Its estimated a whopping 24 billion are manufactured every single year. Unfortunately most of these will end up in landfill once they have reached the end of their life. Not only are landfills slowly encroaching on our beautiful earth, they can be very harmful and toxic to the environment. Shoes that end up in the dump can leak out plasticizers and heavy metals which over time damage... Read More


Emmy Fashion That Deserves an Award of it’s Own

The past weekend saw the return of the Emmys and some true fashion statements. As with any award show it’s expected for those attending to bring some statement pieces to the red carpet. This year the stars certainly didn’t disappoint with some bold choices, gender neutral styling and the sharpest tailoring Ive seen for a long time.Emma corrin (pictured above) most definitely stole the show with a simple concept but executed in such a way it took many peoples breath away. The pale lemon cap, dress and fingerless gloves designed... Read More

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New Season New Styles

With the weather turning, why not turn heads with a new pair of boots? It’s the perfect time to start thinking about fashion suitable for the cooler months and I always think a statement pair of boots can be an ideal way to elevate an outfit. Chunky boots and platform soles are definitely making a comeback and if you follow fashion closely, I’m sure you will have seen them splashed across the pages of magazines and blown up on billboards. The new Prada boots have been making waves recently featuring... Read More

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Long Weekend Looks

Fashion staples for every weekend getaway Summer is now nearly over (if it ever really got started) but that doesn’t mean holidays have to stop. Whether it’s a city break, a quiet weekend in the countryside or even a trip to a Christmas market, a long weekend getaway is great for improving well-being. I have a couple of weekend trips planned for later in the year and thought it would be good to share with you my top 5 fashion travel staples. Think of it like a capsule wardrobe; 5... Read More

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Fall is Fast Approaching

Anyone else ready for pumpkin spiced latte’s, candles, scary movies and getting cosy? I may be biased, being born in the Autumn months and also being named after the season but there is something about the leaves changing colour, crunching underfoot and wearing big cosy jumpers, sipping on pumpkin spice that really does it for me! I’ve always found dressing for the Autumn/Winter months the easiest and far less stressful. Don’t get me wrong I love the Summertime and sunshine but deciding what fit to wear, if I will comfortable... Read More



Wedding ready? The sound of wedding bells have been ringing after falling silent for over a year. So many couples have had to re-organise, re-plan and condense their wedding plans but finally things are on the up and couple can finally tie knot surrounded by family and friends. A lot of these weddings have given little notice for guests and I know I have been unprepared for the amount of last minute invites I have received. But what shoes do I wear? Many of these ceremonies have moved outdoors to... Read More

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Summer Styling 2021

Our top picks for Summer shoes / New Truffle Collection This season we have sourced such a cute collection of fashion sandals and trainers which are really affordable and I have to say as a whole the collection is one of my favourites so far! Whether you follow trends or not you can’t deny how simple and elegant the range is and it’s super easy to style. Each item can be dressed up or down making the collection super versatile and in a way sustainable as you can re-wear all... Read More

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Hello? It’s the 70’s calling!

It’s time to get your platform boots out (again) the 1970’s are making a comeback. As someone who is relatively short, seeing platform boots grace the catwalks and make waves in the fashion world has bought me so much joy. I also love the boldness of the designs that we are beginning to see, from monochromatic styles to boots which look like you could find them at the end of a rainbow! You’ve probably seen that skinny jeans are out and flares have slowly been creeping back into lookbooks and... Read More

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Back 2 sKOOL!

Fashion Forward Thinking for All Ages It may seem way to early to be planning the back to school shop, but we all know how quickly the holiday’s fly by and before you know it, its the end of the august, summer is dwindling and you haven’t even started the school shop! Then you face the prospect of dragging the kids to a shoe shop, limited stock; finally finding a style you both agree on and the size you need isn’t available. Nightmare! Getting the kids sorted now could save... Read More