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Good Shoes for Good Health

Find the perfect trainers for all your exercise needs Whether lockdown has inspired you to move more of you were active anyway, having the right foot wear regardless of the sport/ activity is crucial for comfort and durability. The perfect sports trainer should be comfortable, fit well and offer support to the balls of the feet, arches and the ankles. A nice cushioned insole can make all the difference; improving balance, durability and adding extra comfort for longer sessions. Trainers come in a variety of different colours and styles with... Read More

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Summer Shoe Fashion for 2021

The recent weather may have you feeling blue but your footwear certainly shouldn’t. With one of the wettest Mays on record it’s hard to believe summer could be just around the corner. But are you prepared for the sunshine and warmer days? Sandals are always a summer must have, the perfect shoe to keep your feet cool, comfortable and on trend, but with so many styles to choose from where do you start? Let’s talk colours- Just as with all fashion, colours come in and out of being of trend.... Read More

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Self Care for Foot Health

Look after your feet and in turn they will look after you! Quarantine gave us a lot to think about, one of the only positives to come out of the recent pandemic was the importance of self care and looking after your physical and mental health. But while you were indulging in bubble baths, face masks and skincare routines did you think about how to take care of your feet? Feet keep us upright, carry our bodies over all different types of surfaces and enable us to stand comfortably. It’s... Read More


The Importance of Measuring Children’s Feet Correctly

Happy Feet Means Happy kids It’s so important to make sure your children are wearing comfortable, well fitting shoes throughout all stages of development. Ill fitting shoes can have serious long term implications on children’s foot health which eventually could affect them long in to adulthood. Young children’s feet are extremely delicate, babies feet are made up of cartilage which can easily be pushed out of their natural shape with poorly fitting shoes. This could lead to many foot health problems in the future including painful joints, bad foot form... Read More


Dreaming of Sun, Sea & Sand, anyone else?

2020 was a year we will never forget, but 2021 we hope, and pray will be better. I’m dreaming of sun, sea and sandy toes. As our summer stock is arriving, I cannot hold in my excitement. I find myself day dreaming where I will be with each and every shoe or sandal. Garden BBQ in the new tan Birkenstocks (yes, finally a tan!) with family and friends, Picnic in the park with my colourful personalised Crocs and jibbitz or that longed for holiday by the sea in Birkenstocks, Havaianas... Read More



Never before has a message felt more powerful than the four chosen words COME AS YOU ARE. Crocs have made the iconic Crocs Cayman one of the seasons must have shoes. The lightweight, colourful slip on is set to be one of the seasons hottest trends. With a relatable and inclusive message come as you are and uniquely you, Crocs are encouraging us to Tell our story and express ourselves with the fun jibbitz collection. We love this message and can’t wait to get involved! Tell your story this season... Read More

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Rieker Dances Into Spring/Summer 2021

Life feels better in comfortable shoes. This couldn’t be more true, especially as we’ve all found some joy in taking a long walk. The Rieker Spring Summer collection delivers as always with a collection bursting with style yet never compromising on comfort. It’s easy to fall in love with so many of the new Rieker sandals and shoes for Spring/Summer 2021. Take a look at some of our favourites in their brand new TV ad. My personal choice will be the orange sandal, a beautiful fresh summer colour, set to... Read More

Welcome to our new site

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our brand new eCommerce site, and also our new blog, which will be updated regularly to keep you up to date with the latest news and special offers.  Our new site has been developed with our customers in mind, and as a result of this you’ll find an easy to use website with effective search facilities and an efficient checkout process.  We really hope you enjoy having a look around the new site – we will be constantly adding new products... Read More

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D’liteful D’lites

2019 is the year for chunky shoes and trainers, the chunkier the better. That’s the rule when it comes to footwear. Benefits of wearing the latest trend is that, not only do they look great and update any outfit or plain white t-shirt instantly but they are comfortable and supportive for our feet too. Leading the way in the chunky trainers category are luxury fashion labels Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and Gucci. On the high street the Caterpillar Re-powered collection is really causing a stir on Instagram, with many of the... Read More