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  • Keeping your sneakers spick and span: how to keep your white trainers looking new

    White sneakers are, to the minds of many people, the real kings of trainers. Classic, iconic and drop-dead cool, they’re the go-to footwear choice for when you want to blend a bit of sport-inspired dress-down glam with urban chic; that is, when you want to hit the concrete pavement with some cut and dash.

    And yet, unfortunately, that whole look and vibe is far less effective (arguably, not effective at all) unless your white trainers still look brand spanking new. Which is a bit of a problem because, as any regular sneakers-wearer knows, it’s next to impossible keeping white trainers – whether they’re a pair of Sketchers women’s or any other type – looking immaculate.

    Or is it? The reality is that all you need is a bit of know-how. So, whether you’re wanting to create an irresistible outfit by partnering your white Sketchers Go Walk with a pair of skinning jeans or leggings and a cool lightweight jacket, you can achieve exactly the look pulled off in so many of those aspirational images you’ve flicked through on Pinterest thanks to following some – or, indeed, all – of the following white-sneaker-specific care hacks…

    • White nail polish can work wonders – long gone are the days when nail polish was only ever fashionable in red and shades thereof; nowadays, painting your nails in every colour under the sun seems to be on-trend, so why not crack open that bottle of white nail polish to touch-up that tiny little scratch or smudge?


    • Spot-clean like a pro – don’t doubt it, ‘magic eraser’ sponges really can live up to their billing when it comes to spot-cleaning trainers; that said, relying instead on a cloth dipped in a little vinegar can suffice just as well (yes, that’s right, vinegar isn’t just useful for cooking and seasoning your fish and chips!)


    • No washing machines – you know how your little ones are frightened of their favourite teddies going in the washing machine when they may be in need of a bit of a spring clean (and for good reason, no doubt), well, so should you feel aghast about throwing your favourite pair of sneakers in with your delicates, so hand-wash only, please; just like Ted, your trainers’ll thank you for it


    • Don’t forget your toothbrush – where better than in a list that helps you brush up on sneaker-cleaning than to reveal the big hack that’s using a toothbrush? Yes, this implement’s size, shape and ergonomic ease-of-use ensures you can use one adeptly to get to those hard-to-clean zones of your trainer; along with the toothbrush then, use warm water, a little soap and only ever scrub gently


    • Hand-wash your laces – cleaning your trainers properly is all about caring for them and ensuring they last in (as near to) mint condition for as long as possible, so (as with the trainers themselves) don’t toss their white laces into the washing machine for a soak and harsh tumble; the laces really may be too delicate for that, in which case then, the way to go is to hand-wash them in warm, soapy water and leave them to dry naturally


    • A little shampoo can go a long way – yes, shampoo is, indeed, your friend when it comes to white sneakers and that means that, when partnered with the aforementioned combo that’s a toothbrush or cloth and warm, soapy water, it’s perfect for removing oily grease (perhaps picked up from crossing the road or due to food or drink you may have accidently allowed to drip on your super-duper white sneakers)


    • Use bleach? Surely not – well, actually, so long as you properly dilute it in water, yes, you can use a little bleach on your sneakers for cleaning purposes; the advice here is to create a mix of five parts water to just one part bleach and then, again, use a toothbrush to gently rub at the surface of the trainers, rinsing them with warm water when you’re finished and allowing them to dry naturally


    • Don’t leave your trainers outdoors (especially in the summer) – like it or not, just wearing your trainers outside exposes them to ultraviolet (UV) rays, thus leading to inevitable sun-fading and discolouring; it’s far better then, to limit their exposure to sunlight by storing them in a cool, dark place indoors.
  • Winter Gift Ideas: Fancy Footwear For Men

    So, Christmas may now be behind us and we may well be in the depths of winter, for better or worse, but life verily goes on. And that means that birthdays and myriad celebrations and opportunities for gift-giving pop up quite frequently this side of the Christmas season. So, what if you’ve the birthday of the man in your life or of a cherished male relative just around the corner? What’s the ideal present for their big day? Well, how about a pair of terrific shoes? Great idea, eh! The one snag is knowing what sort of footwear will suit them best – and that may well depend on what sort of person, dress-wise, they are…

    For the practically minded man – winter boots

    Any man about town should be concerned with fashion and style; of course, he should. But, at this time of year, when the weather fluctuates and can deliver wind and heavy rain one day and frost and ice the next and even snow the day after that, sensible footwear should also be a priority. And these two facets of shoe design need not be mutually exclusive because, in many men’s winter boot types, they blend together seamlessly to create a truly beautiful item that’s both great-looking and great-to-wear on your feet during the most hostile time of the year (weather-wise, that is!).

    So what winter boot to go for? Well, an old favourite unquestionably are men’s chukka boots, the best-made of which combine reliable wear with enduring style. That said, you might also opt for a dressier option via the traditional Italian leather boot, which tends to look great when partnered with woollen suits and winter coats. These are the winter boots to crack out when you’ve an event to attend and you can get away with wearing a warmer alternative to smart-smart polished shoes.

    From a sheer practicality standpoint, though, you might want to look at the manufacture of any boot that catches your eye. For instance, what kind of leather does it contain? Is it waterproof? Does it feature seals to keep the rain out? And how tough is it? Does it have proper toecaps? And how strong is the stitching? Get all this right and you’ll probably find a pair that’s just as suited to romping on a moor as they are to a night out on the town.

    For the well-dressed man – monk shoes

    Those who like to keep things dressy whatever the time of year will be well served by the versatile monk shoe. Manufactured from high-quality leather, many brands’ monk shoe offerings deliver not just sartorial style, but also support and comfort in abundance (rubber soles ensure they’re ideal for late-night loafing as well as about-town walking during the day).

    Something of an exclusive footwear choice no more than five years ago, monk shoes – with their distinctive single- or double-buckle-strap over the top of the shoe’s upper; doing away with the need for laces – are now de rigeur among those who like the idea of injecting a fair bit of style into both their office and smart attire. They go brilliantly with both blazers and smart-casual wear (e.g. dark jeans, a sweater and a dress-down blazer).

    Moreover, their affordability today hasn’t seen a shrinkage in quality leather choices; customers being able to choose between the likes of premium leather, burnished leather, suede leather and even sheepskin leather. If it’s true that the most regularly noticed item a man wears are his shoes, then what better reason to opt for a monk shoe?

    For the smart-casual man – brogue shoes

    Fair dos, not everybody out there is the dressy-dressy sort. Many have, for good and obvious reason, embraced the liberal loosening of styles not just in the workplace but in society in general over the last couple of decades. The result of which being more and more men might be (more or less) described as ‘smart-casual men’. But this does beg the question, what should their default footwear option be?

    Well, there are many opinions on this and, of course, every individual should choose the shoe for everyday wear with which they’re most comfortable and which suits their personal style most. That said, one type of shoe that nowadays perfectly fits in the ‘smart-casual’ category is the brogue. Too often overlooked in these terms, brogues – it’s fair to say – are really too informal (thanks to their punch-patterned ‘broguing’ on the top of the upper) for dressy events when compared to proper dress shoes; and, eclectically, they’re rather more style-oriented.

    And, while there are certainly exclusive, expensive versions out there, courtesy of the most expensive brands, there are undoubtedly high-quality but affordable versions available too – for instance, men’s brogue boots and more that you can find among our selection here at Mr Shoes.

    All good then; but if you like the idea of turning to brogues as your men’s casual shoes of choice, what should you definitely avoid doing? Well, you’re ‘don’ts’ must include not mixing a pair with a black tie (or white tie) suit; for this look, you’ll need a full-out formal shoe – Oxfords at a minimum, for instance. And be careful with wingtips too (the full brogue style, where the patterned toe cap extends all the way back along the lengths of the shoe) because, at the far more casual end of the clothing spectrum, chunky wingtips go well with jeans, but far more stylised wingtips can look a bit OTT when matched with simple, down-to-earth denim.

  • Get the skinny on the best footwear for skinny jeans

    In recent times, skinny jeans have become so popular in women’s fashion that they’ve become simply ubiquitous. How many women do you tend to see regularly wearing them? Exactly. And yet, while they seem to go with everything (every other garment you might choose to wear), what exactly is the best footwear to put together with a pair of blue or black denim skinnies?

    Trainers, flats, heels, sandals, pointed-toes or ankle boots? It’s a conundrum putting together the right shoe, boot or stiletto with any number of different items from your wardrobe, so is it any easier with skinny jeans? Well, happily enough, the answer’s yes. That said, it’s arguably all about *how* you do it too. What smart sartorial touches you abide by when creating an outfit whose bottom half is made up of skinny jeans with the footwear of your choice. Read on and you’ll understand exactly what we mean…

    • Classic trainers – Fish and chips, strawberries and cream and Romeo and Juliet; all perfect partnerships… and add to that list classic sneakers and skinny jeans; they truly are the ideal combo when it comes to below-the-waist casual-wear, as the look they give off is so timeless you can partner a pair of blue skinnies with any modern take on a ‘classic’ trainer design (either in terms of style or colour) and it’ll still come up smelling of roses


    • Slip-on sneakers – a sort of halfway-house that’s neither a trainer nor a chic slipper, but something all of its own, the slip-on sneaker offers a comfy-looking, home-away-from-home footwear choice than somehow blends utter casualness with a chic twist; throwing on a pair with skinny jeans then makes for a more than fitting combo


    • Loafers – despite their name, loafers are actually a particularly stylish, even sophisticated footwear choice (not least thanks to their masculine origins), but when paired with skinny jeans they can help created a wonderful, effortless-looking smart-casual look that’s simply perfect for tootling about the town (or city) during the day; they tend to be super-comfy too, thus ideal for wearing when you’re travelling long distances but still want to look properly on-trend


    • Pointed-toe flat shoes – glamorous and chic with a touch of unexpected style, pointed flats can look great with skinnies, so long as you go for a pair in bright and bold colours (don’t forget they’re flats; without heels their style can go unnoticed in more neutral shades)


    • Pointed-toe pumps – It’s all about the elegance with this look; by their nature, pumps (despite their comfort and simplicity) carry an undeniable air of sophistication, so paired with tight-fitting jeans and a pale-coloured blouse, a pair of dark pointed-toe pumps’ll go perfectly


    • Ankle boots – this most versatile of boot types is, of course, universal, but instead of choosing dark or neutral-coloured Marco Tozzi boots, why not instead plump for a pair of them in lighter, brighter colours? This is a look that should totally work so long as you complement the bold shades of the boots with similar – or pretty much the same – colours for your accessories (two or three of the likes of these: a lightweight jacket, a handbag, a clutch, earrings, a brooch or so on).


    • Strappy stilettos – or, frankly, any kind of strappy high-heeled shoes (whatever the width or height of the heels) would qualify equally here; if you fancy adding a touch of glam to your outfit, this is definitely the footwear choice to opt for, as it’s perfect for an urban chic look for a night on the tiles or a dress-down house party


    • Sandals (flats) – just as with strappy heels, the non-heeled option enables you to show off your feet and toes in the warmer months and they look terrific with skinny jeans (just as they do, in fact, with wider-legged and flared jeans, especially when you’re aiming for a boho-cum-hippy look), but just be sure that your jeans don’t scrunch up at the ankles because that’s a look you seriously don’t want and, to be honest, scrunching up at the bottom is a big no-no with all skinny jeans, if you can help it


    • Sock boots – these types of boots are ideal for tucking in the bottom of your skinnies (yes, a fine way to avoid scrunching!), but the real reason for pairing these boots with them and the tucking-in is because it’s all surprisingly effective at elongating your legs… and who doesn’t want that? To be fair, though, you can try tucking your skinny jeans into the tops of any boots you give a go at pairing them with; for instance, ankle boots, stiletto boots or, to be more specific, Mustang boots or even Doc Martens.
  • Wedding Day Dream Outfits And Nuptial No-gos

    Getting invited to a wedding is always a delightful and exciting thing to happen to you. Not least because implicit in the invitation is the offer for you to dress up – not dress up like you’re going to a big, all-important business meeting at 9am on a Monday morning; no, *properly* dress up. That is, pull out from your wardrobe or go out and buy that ultimate statement dress or that unbeatable top, trouser and jacket outfit that just looks too good to resist.

    However, there is one big thing you must avoid – it’s obvious, but depending how sophisticated, sexy, beautiful and irresistible you go with your outfit, it may be easier to overlook and forget than you think; in short, it’s not your day so don’t upstage the bride. But what else? What other wedding day dress hacks and nuptial clothing tips are there? Well, why not try these on for size…

    • Dressing for success in a dress is always a win-win – it may be the most predictable option, of course, but you really can’t go wrong with a dress when attending a wedding; so, should you be finding it just too much of a headache to put together that ideal combo of top, trousers, jacket and shoes, merely pull out that fave statement dress from your wardrobe, pairing it with heels and lipstick


    • Longer hemlines usually work best – remember the kind of event you’re attending; a wedding isn’t a night out clubbing, so bear in mind that a hemline around the knee’s ability to look conservatively sexy (as it were) will pretty much always be more suitable for a wedding than will be an above-the-knee number and, of course, should you pick out a dress with an irregular hemline that’s not ‘too short’ but shows some more leg then you’ll nicely straddle the line here


    • Lace? Go bold or go home – as noted, the golden sartorial rule at weddings is not to clash, let alone upstage the bride, so while lace and embroidery is ordinarily fine, be sure any on your dress/ outfit isn’t white, cream or ivory (that is, if it’s a white wedding); the way to go then is via boldly coloured lace, textured layers or sequins


    • Paint it black? – gone are the days when it was an absolute no-no to wear black to any type of wedding; today, in the ultra-modern era of smartphones, apps, Pinterest and podcasts, we are (all of us) far more aware of what’s acceptable when it comes to ‘bolder’ fashion choices and, thus, more accepting, so, in short, dress in black if it takes your fancy


    • Go armed with a clutch bag – weddings are, naturally, the ideal occasion to ensure you achieve that all-too-rarely-achievable combination, sophistication and glamour (again, so long as you don’t upstage the bride!), so big, cumbersome handbags, however much you love (and feel you can’t survive without) yours, really are no-go, which means cutting out the heavy accessories for just one day and taking along items that’ll nicely fit in a clutch bag instead


    • Choose sexy but sensible heels – whoever’s nuptials they are, weddings are all about dressing up to (something near) the ‘nth’ degree, so if you want to wear killer heels, why shouldn’t you? One thing to bear in mind, though, they ought to give off an elegant vibe along with the rest of your outfit and, arguably most importantly, they must be comfortable, as you’ll be wearing them all day long (so, by all means, take a look through our offerings at Mr Shoes – Ruby Shoo wedding shoes are a great place to start)


    • Remember, it’s not your day – yes, as mentioned once or twice already, wedding’s may be all about dressing up to the nines, but before you indulge yourself as much as possible, be mindful of whose day it actually is; this means then that, should you really not be 100% sure about the total suitability of your intended outfit, it’s fine and indeed thoughtful to check with the bride and see what she thinks and feels (just be sure not to bother her in the last couple of weeks before her big day; that wouldn’t be the most thoughtful thing to do given how incredibly busy she’s likely to be!)


    • White’s still not right – opting for a primarily black outfit may be perfectly acceptable at weddings today, but if it’s a white wedding you’ll be attending, as noted above, it’s still a bad idea to choose a white outfit (however big an element of it may be white, cream, ivory or alabaster); it’s simply incredibly bad form to look like you’re thoughtless enough to possibly upstage the bride, let alone actually do it, so definitely do not sit down in your pew at the service in a full-length white number!


  • The Ultimate Conundrum? Ideas For What To Wear On A Date

    Finally! You’ve plucked up the courage to talk to that gorgeous guy in Accounts and… he’s only said yes to going out on a date! You’re on Cloud Nine – but then you’ve suddenly come back down to earth with a bump… as you realise you’ve got to work out what to wear on the date. Eek! Sure, you fretted over which evening to make it, the location and buying those mints so your breath remains fresh whatever you eat (i.e. garlic), but – seriously – goodness knows what outfit is actually going to be right. It’s a conundrum, all right. No, more than that; it’s an enigma.

    Because, if you’re a fashionable sort, putting together the correct outfit and getting the look right for that all-important date may be among the trickiest, most challenging and brain-racking, nay mind-melting tasks you can face. To follow the trends of the moment and the advice of the hottest bloggers out there in the Internet ether? Or to raid your wardrobe for some old favourites you might be able to pair together? Or to hit the high street immediately? Or even to start off in desperation by turning to Pinterest for some initial ideas? It’s a minefield, all right; a gigantic minefield.

    Well, fear not, for help is at hand in the form of these following suggestions for not just appropriate, but stunning date-wear. Each of them is made up of at least some garments or footwear you’re already bound to own and, thus, none of them should be too difficult to throw together and so ensure you wow that handsome chap from Accounts:

    • A romantic dress with traditional accessories (i.e. a gold-plated bracelet and vintage bag) – this combination simply oozes that perfect blend of sophistication and sensuality; not too much of either, but just enough of both and perfectly balanced; you might choose to go with red for your dress, both for maximum impact and because it tends to suit, well, pretty much everybody


    • A satin blouse with leather trousers and heeled shoes – instantly stylish and sexy in its appearance, this outfit’s all about dressing to impress; a frilly gold blouse, black trousers (just remember they need to be comfortable enough to spend a few hours in!) and killer stilettos would be on the money, all right

    • A fashionable jumpsuit with elegant heeled boots – this one’s perfect for winter because, although it won’t show off any discreet skin, it’ll look so good it won’t matter; its effortless trendiness giving off that smart-casual vibe should prove all-conquering, especially if you colour-coordinate a sleek jumpsuit with women’s heeled ankle boots


    • A designer trench coat with stylish skinny jeans and cool loafers – again, this outfit’s all about urban chic, but also looks a little dressed-down at the same time (thanks to the jeans and the loafers; although the slim lines of the jeans and the androgyny of the loafers combine with the trench coat – Burberry perhaps? – to suggest true sophistication)


    • A roll-neck sweater with a midi dress and cute ankle boots – a look that screams you love fashion and you don’t care who knows it, this combo is also deceptively versatile; for instance, putting a lightweight neutral-coloured roll-neck together with a ‘statement’ midi dress (possibly with a bold pattern or maybe checked and preferably with a slit; the real focal point of the outfit) and a pair of irresistible ankle boots with a short heel would be ideal


    • A biker-style leather jacket with skinny jeans and stilettos – nothing beats a genuine classic look and this one deserves that moniker, all right, for it’s all about perfect style suggesting a touch of urban edge; to be fair, such a black leather jacket will go with any and everything, not least a pair of black skinny jeans (the same, in fact, can be said for them), while a pair of statement-making high heels (black or, for contrast, red or pink) will top things off perfectly


    • A smart blouse with track bottoms and stylish heels – do you fancy really mixing it up so you make clear on your date you’re not a plain Jane and you do your own thing? If so, this is the outfit for you; the pale blouse could be equally worn for a day in the office, while the heels might be elegant boots, strappy sandals or killer stilettos and, of course, finally the striped joggers ought to have something of a fashionable cut and dash to them. A different look, for sure – but why ever not!
  • Go androgynous: How Women Should Wear Oxford Shoes And Brogues

    Any woman who keeps a keen eye on the styles and designs to be seen on the catwalks of the major fashion weeks each season will be aware that their creators like to push the envelope. Indeed, popular move by the designers is to merge, often subtly, men’s and women’s fashions to come up with something excitingly androgynous. And when this sort of look transfers to everyday fashion, it often looks hip, chic, urban and a little daring. And, footwear-wise, you can give it a go by sporting a pair of Oxford shoes or brogues.

    Now, as far the Oxford shoe manufactured for women’s concerned, traditionally, it’s made to appear as if it’s one whole, flawless portion of leather, presumably as something of a nod to feminine elegance (after all, androgynous-informed fashion doesn’t automatically mean ‘masculine’ when worn by a woman). Additionally, women’s Oxfords tend to come in a somewhat richer blend of colours than men’s and usually a slighter taller heel.

    It should be noted too that the women’s version doesn’t just draw from the men’s for inspiration; like all modern fashion, it draws from any and every source possible, which means it’s developed to have a more liberal attitude to design; it’s naturally freer in its style. What does this mean then? Well, it means women’s Oxford shoes are extremely versatile; they’ll fit almost any outfit you choose to wear – a perfect alternative to either casual summer sandals or women’s winter boots. So, when partnering them with garments, you’re far from restricted to merely old-fashioned and severe styles. Here are some ideas for you to consider:

    • Blend them with sweaters, jumpers and jeans – to achieve a casual look, Oxfords can be superbly blended with traditionally casual clothing choices; not only does the overall outfit look effortless and comfortable, it feels like that to wear as well


    • Go stripy – you’d think Oxford and stripy dress patterns don’t make for a natural fit; well, on the surface, that may be true, but should you try matching the former with black, brown or even white midi skirts, near-ankle-length dresses and tight-fitting trousers sporting that sort of pattern, you may be pleasantly surprised (remember, though, women’s Oxfords are more feminine and versatile in design than men’s)


    • Pair them with pencil skirts – for a smart, nay business-like appearance, but one shot through with a nod to fashionable chic, nothing beats a pair of women’s Oxford shoes combined with a pencil skirt; instantly elegant and stylish all-day-long


    • Looking legendary with leggings – far from an immediately obvious choice, but putting together Oxfords and tight leggings is a look that genuinely works; if done right, it can look über-hip, so long as the shoes are either flat or very low of heel and the leggings’ shade complements that of the skirt or trousers/ pants they’re paired with (elegance is key to this combination)


    • Perfect with a party dress? – Surely not, right? Well, although it’s a clothing-footwear combo that seems very much out of left-field (yes, admittedly, it is), this sassy, almost post-modern night-out option pushes the boundaries of evening wear; note that it’s only liable to work, though, should your Oxfords pop as much as humanly possible, so a pair in a bright, bold colour or with a shimmering, glistening finish are maybe the only types that’ll cut the mustard.


    Brogue shoes

    Traditionally speaking, a classic version of Oxford shoes with a very-low heel, brogues are fantastic accoutrements to add a touch of stylish androgyny to an otherwise girly outfit thanks to their sleekly curved lines and upper patterning (‘broguing’). No question, despite the brogue shoe’s very masculine origins, it nonetheless boasts a real universality when it comes to women’s fashion; so many garments and items in your wardrobe are compatible with this footwear choice – just as much as they are with winter boots, for instance.

    So then, here are our top tips for wearing brogues:

    • Show off your ankle – do you have a shapely ankle? If so, a pair of brogues are the perfect way to show it off when paired with cropped pants, a maxi or midi dress or (should you feel your legs look as good as your ankles) shorts or a just-above-the-knee dress


    • Use them as a counterpoint – make the brogues the subtle counterpoint to an otherwise stylish but flashy outfit comprising the likes of wide-leg tailored trousers, a frilly semi-extravagant blouse and (hey, why not?) curls in your hair


    • Do the masculine thing – that’s right, why not go the whole hog and (to some extent, at least) dress like the boys, by pairing brogues with a blazer and/ or boyfriend jeans?


    • Mix the feminine and the masculine touches – given that brogues inevitably lend an outfit a masculine touch, you might choose to balance things up by throwing in some decidedly feminine touches along with it; so, how about a cute hat, an item or two of glorious jewellery, bright make-up tones (especially lipstick) or some bold feminine tones in your clothes?


  • Flats and Hemlines: Getting Flat Shoes With Dresses And Skirts Right

    It’s a no-brainer. When wearing a dress or a skirt, the best look is always achieved by pairing it with heels. Everybody knows that, surely; even men! But, actually, with women’s fashion always eager to experiment, try different things and find different answers, that may not be the only, well, answer.

    It may genuinely not just be fashionable and trendy – but practically possible – to wear flat footwear with dresses and skirts. Yes, really. When done right, not only does it make an outfit look stylishly casual, it can also create an unexpected and so refreshing overall look.

    So then, here are some ideas on how to pair several kinds of flat shoes with dresses and/ or skirts of different lengths (hemlines)…

    Flat sandals

    • paired with short hemlines – going for dresses or skirts with short hemlines is a great way to go, principally because their combination with flat sandals is highly effective for giving the impression of longer legs and, should you prefer not showing more skin, there’s no reason why going no higher than the knee isn’t ample enough; moreover, choosing low contrast sandals is likely to lengthen legs further as is choosing a curved hemline, while mirroring your sandals’ colour with that of your hair produces a bookended look that grounds the entire appearance of your outfit


    • paired with knee-length hemlines – won’t pairing flat sandals with this hemline make you look shorter-legged? Well, potentially, but you can overcome this by selecting a dress with a high-low hemline or by generating low contrast between your sandals’ colour and your own skin tone


    • paired with long hemlines – again, wearing either maxi- or midi-dresses (or maxi- or midi-skirts) could result in a short-legged look, but should you do so with such garments that feature side vents may well give the impression of a shorter hemline as they’ll expose a bit more skin, while a midi boasting an asymmetrical hemline creates something of an illusory proportion between leg length and the dress/ skirt; yes, again, the legs look longer.



    Sandals are one thing, but the just as comfortable loafer option is a very fashionable look right now; it’s definitely what’s trending. That said, loafers with a dress of practically any hemline length is a hard look to pull off because it’s more than likely to appear to shorten the leg-line. High-vamped footwear like this then might simply come with sacrifices like this you may have to live with. That said, be aware that should you be able to create a silhouette via a fairly loosely cut dress or skirt, then it’s less likely to result in such a severe ‘stumpy’ look.

    Trainers with dresses

    Nowadays, trainers – or, to give them their trendier name, sneakers – make for a terrifically fashionable look when paired with dresses, whatever their length. Owing to the fashionability, the idea is to strive for a look that’s not massively flattering, but one’s that flattering enough. The style and overall on-trend achievement’s the big takeaway here.

    Note, though, that much of what’s already been said about pairing sandals and loafers with dresses/ skirts is true for trainers when paired with them; to give an impression of elongated legs, put together an outfit featuring trainers and a dress/ skirt with short or mid-length hemlines or wear trainers with a dress/ skirt featuring side vents or side slits – owing to the fact leg exposure suggests elongation. Plus, as mentioned too, colour cohesion between garments and footwear can create further harmony in the overall look.

    Flat Oxfords with dresses

    Of all women’s shoes, flat Oxfords are probably the most challenging footwear choice to pull off with dresses or skirts. Again, unlike heeled shoes that naturally create flattering proportions when worn with these garments, they’re a shoe choice you can bracket with sandals, loafers and trainers as ‘difficult’. Yes, of course, because they’re also flat shoes, yet Oxfords – in addition to their inescapable flat appearance – also boast a look that might be said to be definitely androgynous, if not arguably masculine. However, it’s also true that successfully pairing Oxfords with the right dress or skirt can make for a fantastic fashion-forward statement.

    So, to sum up, why not experiment with flat shoes – sandals, trainers/ sneakers and Oxfords all – with your dresses and skirts, of all different lengths. As pointed out, you’ll doubtless find it easiest to put such fashionable and easy-to-wear footwear together with dresses/ skirts with shorter hemlines, but nonetheless it can be possible to achieve flattering and highly fashionable looks with longer hemlines thanks to smart tricks like side vents/ slits and complimentary colours and low contrast shades, not least against bare skin and your hair colour. Good luck – and have fun!

  • The Width Issue: High-Heel Solutions For Wide Feet

    You may not know it – especially if you have slim, dinky feet and toes – but it’s very common to have wide feet and like it or not, the latest trends (for instance, cute pumps with fairly sharp points) are hardly designed to accommodate the wider foot. And then, what about heels? In many ways, women’s footwear feels like it revolves around heeled shoes, with so many beguiling designs featuring heels of all different heights and shapes out there; but all too few of them are at all friendly for wider-footed women.

    Now, hands up who out there remembers going to a shoe shop with their mum back in the day and trying on footwear – often for school – to ensure they fitted, as well of course as being something you could live with wearing? And yet, when you try on shoes nowadays, is whether it fits the most important thing anymore? Isn’t the fact it’s probably sexy, even more likely cute and almost definitely fashionable the biggest priority for many of us today?

    Ill-fitting footwear means trouble

    The reality when we’re struggling with a pair of shoes we’ve just bought is that it’s most likely not because it’s hot and that’s causing out feet to get sweaty and it’s not good enough to think it doesn’t matter our ill-fitting shoes don’t fit well because they look so good and were a bargain. The reality is we’re damaging our feet when we throw them in this sort of situation. And especially if our feet are of a ‘wide’ type and won’t always fit in the same shoe sizes all the time.

    Indeed, wearing shoes that are just wrong for you can result in medical issues – the likes of bunions and hammertoes, for instance – and problems with your heels and ankles too, depending on how much you wear ill-fitting heels and for how long. Actually, if you follow the gossip magazines or their online equivalents and have something of an eagle-eye, you can spot some celebrities (or at least their feet) are constantly suffering in the name of fashion. Which, when you think about it, is really rather silly. Especially because they don’t need to be.

    There’s nothing wrong with wide feet

    There really isn’t, you know. In fact, relatively speaking, it’s normal for women to have wider feet than men, for the simple reason they possess wider hips (genetically then, a women’s feet are designed by Mother Nature to support their hips). Moreover, like it or not, women’s feet also have a tendency to widen with age, pregnancy or general weight gain. Or if, yes, you have a habit of wearing shoes that are too small for you and, thus, have experienced bunions. Or even if you tend to stand up for long periods – perhaps because you work in the retail or service sectors, for instance.

    The simple truth of it then, is that no woman should feel she’s odd or a freak for having ‘wide’ feet that won’t properly fit in any and every shoe she wants to wear. There really oughtn’t be any disappointment, shame or secrecy in seeking out a ‘wider’ footwear choice.

    So, with all that in mind, here are some things to consider when looking for footwear, should your feet be naturally ‘wide’:

    • One size doesn’t fit all – don’t try forcing your feet into shoes that hurt simply for the reason they’re your ‘right’ size and so ‘should’ fit; remember, your shoe size is bound to vary from shoe type to shoe type and footwear brand to footwear brand (just as so often is the case when it comes to clothes sizes)
    • Measuring your feet is a great idea – don’t forget that, while you can’t rely on shoe sizes to always be the ‘same’, you can’t rely on your feet always being the same either; they change shape and size for natural reasons and due to lifestyle and age, so measuring your shoes each time you think of buying a new pair (say, women’s wide calf boots) isn’t a bad idea
    • Pointed-toe shoes; not always a good idea – how often have you felt like one of Cinders’ step-sisters, squeezing your foot into a beautiful pointed-toe shoe just because it’s gorgeous? The trouble is the result underneath, bunions and eventually perhaps serious feet ailments, will be as far from gorgeous as possible; in fact, you’ll end up with the feet of an Ugly Sister
    • Leather FTW? – the nature of leather makes it a good material choice for wider-footed women, simply because it has a bit of natural stretch in it and slowly will mould, as it stretches, to the foot of the weather herself. And don’t reject women’s wide feet boots which already have some stretch in them when you first try a pair on; the shoe, as mentioned, will naturally grow to fit your foot, so a little early stretch is great for helping the foot breathe and remain as healthy as possible when wearing your new pair of shoes. Et voilà!


  • Concert Clobber: Going To A Gig? Check Out These Essential Looks

    When you’re going out for a night on the tiles, conventional wisdom has it that it all comes down to the gig’s music genre as to what outfit you wear for the evening. We’re talking, for instance, jeans and trainers for a rock concert, sleek and slinky sophistication for an intimate singer-songwriter gig or a girly top and denim skirt (with big hooped earrings) for a blockbuster pop star arena show. But does a night out on the town revolving around aural delight have to abide by these fairly strict fashion conventions?

    Well, we’d like to beg to differ. We’d like to suggest that you can mix it up trend-wise and come up with some cracking outfits for the next must-go gig you and your crew pop along to. Outfits that, primarily, can be drawn from pre-existing items and footwear in your wardrobe. And, we hope you’ll agree, the following suggestions totally attest to that.

    But, before we start, there’s one hugely important thing to bear in mind – remember that when you’re mixing and matching garments with heels and boots and so on and you’re carefully constructing your perfect gig-going outfit, arguably more important than anything else is for it to be comfortable and loose enough so you can kick back and dance. After all, what’s the point of going along to a concert featuring your fave artist if your clothes are too restrictive for you to be able to cut some moves?

    In which case then, take a look through these concert-ready clothes concoctions we’ve come up with for you to choose between:

    • A semi-sheer top with leather trousers and oversized earrings – blend sophistication with edgy urban chic via this outfit’s combining of leather (never out of place at a gig, especially a rock concert) with a not-too-daring-but-a-little-suggestive semi-sheer blouse and big danglers hanging from your lobes (preferably gold); complete the look by ensuring the top and trousers are both in cool, sleek black


    • An oversized band t-shirt with a floral maxi dress and fun, clumpy footwear – mix boho-hippy-ish chic with a touch of grunge with this perfect gig-going outfit; this one’s all about fun as it enables you to break out that music artist tee from the depths of your t-shirt drawer (when else will you wear it, honestly?) and pair it with the clumpiest heels you can get your hands on (but a pair you’ll be comfortable enough to dance in, of course), while a long billowing dress with a floral pattern will lend the whole an irresistible summer festival vibe


    • A stylish, dark dress with a denim jacket and stiletto boots – at the opposite end of the concert-attending fashion spectrum, this outfit’s ideal should you be lucky enough to have tickets for the VIP area; that is, it’s dressier than the other options on this list, featuring as it does, a or navy knee-length dress with a collar or roll-neck that’s topped off by a somewhat dress-down denim jacket (preferably blue) and oh-so cool but sophisticated stiletto boots to add a great exclamation mark to the overall look


    • A simple white t-shirt with dark vinyl trousers and classic trainers – this one’s more low-key, for sure, effectively being a 21st Century update on the vintage rock ‘n’ roll look, which may date from the mid-to-late ’50s but is truly timeless; make no mistake, glossy trousers are really hot right now and lend this somewhat dress-down affair a glamorous twist, while topping off the outfit with a big, baggy, cool patterned cardigan would complete the thing nicely


    • A plain white shirt with a bomber jacket, jeans and ankle boots – this outfit’s all about dress-down cool, as the all-American bomber jacket is the focal point and fits a rock gig to a tee (especially in the chilly winter or autumn); complemented by the subtle mix of a non-attention-grabbing simple blouse and elegant ladies’ ankle boots (check out our website at Mr Shoes for some ideal candidates here), the look’s finished off perfectly by a pair of old-school mid-blue jeans (note: high-rise jeans would be best here, fitting like a glove and not needing a pulling up every few minutes while you dance, jump or just groove the night away).
  • A Matter Of Comfort And Style: Footwear For Getting Away From It All

    Just because you want to be stylish doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on comfort. And no more is this true than when it comes to footwear women might pack for travel – especially for a break; probably abroad. After all, for many, travelling somewhere different and in their down-time is all about discovering that place, not least on foot; but not everyone wants to have the appearance of a backpacker as they’re doing it.

    The trick then is to try and combine what’s practical with what’s fashionable; ensuring you don’t get blisters and rubbing/ bleeding heels from wearing shoes that simply aren’t easy on your feet, don’t offer decent support and are ill-suited to walking a great deal. What you might seek out then are shoes that do offer arch support and are made from breathable fabric (to enable your feet to breathe and not become too hot and sweaty), but nonetheless will look good for those essential selfie moments. Footwear that’ll be both suitable for sightseeing but then dining out in a relaxed, perhaps smart-casual ‘holiday’ environment later on in the evening.

    How to pack your footwear

    Fair dos, picking the right footwear is only half the deal, of course. You also need to work out how best to pack it before you leave for your destination. Even if the shoes you select predominantly for walking are mostly clean when you pack them, it’s as well to put them in a plastic bag (or, if you prefer to be environmentally friendly, a canvas bag) so they don’t pass dirt or mud at all to the rest of the nice, clean clothes in your luggage. If you do this, remember to pack them in the bag with the soles facing outwards, so the sole of each shoe isn’t able to dirty any of the other shoe.

    There’s also a good argument for selecting – and certainly packing – your shoes before you pack any clothes and other travel paraphernalia. Why? Because packing shoes can be difficult (they can be rather bulky); they may best go at the bottom of your luggage. And to be fair, shoes don’t tend to crease like many clothes do; it doesn’t really matter if your footwear’s at the bottom of the suitcase with everything on top of them – but it probably will matter for you if your clothes items get packed all the way down in luggage and get all wrinkled and then you discover there’s no ironing facility where you’ve chosen to stay.

    Moreover, if your luggage is of the sandwich-construction suitcase kind, it may be best to pack them on the zipped-up side of the case, along with toiletries; freeing up the rest of the case for clothing.

    What footwear should you pack?

    You’re free to pack exactly the shoes you want; women’s flats boots, sandals or whatever footwear you want for travelling (especially a break for yourself) – but nonetheless, here are some ideas you might want to consider:

    1.Easy-to-slip-on sandals:

    Sports hiking sandals (red/ grey) – casual for sure and great for walking in and, also actually, travelling in

    Hush Puppies Nishi sandals (pink) – with a very slight heel and an appealing girly design, these strappy efforts with their floral design are terrific for hot days and sunny climes

    Hush Puppies Blakely sandals (orange) – attractive-looking with a wedge heel (that’s not too high), a fantastic design and colour, easy to slip on and off and walk in

    2.Sketchers shoes/ trainers:

    Sketchers Extra Flex First Choice Trainers (black/ burgundy) – the flexible nature of these sneakers’ material makes them ideal for long days out sightseeing and traipsing here, there and everywhere, whatever type of location you choose to visit

    Sketchers Go Walk 4 Pursuit Pumps (taupe/ navy) – laces-less, thus very easy to slip on and off and adding a layer of casualness to your footwear, these are simply great short-break walking shoes

    Mustang Vintage Lace trainers (grey) – boasting a retro look that harks back to the skateboarder sneakers of lore, this design combines ease-of-wear with style and gives off a lovely relaxed vibe for your overall outfit.

    3. Flat shoes

    Leather Casual Slip-on Pumps (navy/ pewter/ black) – again, a great, casual walking shoe choice; admittedly, maybe not so good for crossing-over into night-time footwear, but that would depend on the venue and what sort of break away from home you envisage having

    Leather Tassel Loafers (silver/ gold) – bringing style to your holiday, for sure, this sophisticated flat-shoe choice looks great when you’re checking out art galleries, museums or ancient sites, for instance; and are definitely casual-smart-friendly for the evening too

    Flat Casual Bow Front Pumps (black)/ Flat Casual Oriental Floral Pumps – again, an option that adds a dash of style to your holiday look; the first suggests somewhat Parisian chic with a casual look, while the second goes all out with a bright, vibrant style (very good for a beach-focused break or a sunny climate).


  • The Best Boot Buying Guide For Men

    It’s that time of year again, Christmas is nearly upon us and for the well-trod fashionista, boots should be at the top of your wish list.

    With Christmas just around the corner, we’re all looking for something to buy for the men in our lives. Boots could be the perfect gift, especially with so many exciting new designs coming out. Whether you’re searching for someone who is outdoorsy or looking up to the heights of fashion with extra heel, then there’ll be something for you to wrap up this Christmas. The problem is in siphoning out the great from the shoddy, especially with each foot having its own needs and measurements. Below you can find some tips on the kinds of men’s boots out there as well as a checklist of priorities when buying. Winter can be a trying time of year on the body and the feet are no exception, so making sure your mister is free from blisters and the shoes from your girl won’t make your toes curl will help towards a very happy Christmas, for your feet at least.

    What boots are there for men?

    So first off let’s start with a few of the variations out there for men’s boots so you can work out which style is best for your purchase.

    Chelsea Boots

    These ankle high boots are suitable for both men and women and were created in the Victorian era, made famous by Queen Victoria herself wearing them. It is said that her own shoemaker, Joseph Sparkes Hall was the very creator of the design and despite it’s colonial past, was on trend again in the UK during the 1960’s. It’s resurgence this century has led to the boot being a must have for any dedicated follower of fashion. The ankle boot has since become one of the best examples of functionality and fashion going hand in hand as this boot can be worn both formally and casually. This makes it a perfect gift for men, especially the popular Dr Martens range of Chelsea boots and its high-profile celebrity wearers.

    Chukka Boots

    Also known in their modern form as a desert boot, men’s chukka boots originated from the boot designs worn by British soldiers during the World War II Western Desert Campaign. Quite a leap from the white Christmas you’ll be buying for, but that’s the great thing about Chukka boots. Their durability and style are timeless and much like Chelsea Boot with which it shares many resemblances, the Chukka Boot can be worn all year round.

    Where it differs from men’s Chelsea boots is in the fact that Chukka Boots are usually made from suede and sometimes calfskin. It also found fame in the post-war era of the 1950’s. This boot is unlined and usually consists of three eyelets for lacing up and a rounded toe, rather than the slip on pointed end Chelsea Boot.

    Casual Boots

    Of course, there are other designs out there for the casual boot wearer. Whether it’s the toughness of streetwear fashion in the guise of Timberland and Caterpillar’s sandy brown boots or the punk attitude of the DR Marten, there are plenty of opportunities for boot buying this year. The great thing about these boots is that they’re so versatile in style, meaning that you can cater to taste whether it’s loose fitting jeans or a sharp dinner suit.

    Your men’s boot checklist

    Once you’ve chosen a pair of boots to buy, it’s a case of finding the best quality possible as one thing you need from boots is longevity. Think of a good pair as ore of an investment than a casual pair of shoes. They are there for years and sometimes decades. Therefore, companies such as Dr Martens sell products such as liquiproof and encourage customers to polish their boots regularly. So what questions must you ask yourself before buying your boots?

    Waterproof is fool proof

    There’s a big difference between going waterproof and water resistant, and it all comes down to what activities you’ll be engaging when wearing them. Whilst water resistant may be good for a little rain, going waterproof implies your footwear will be subject to a barrage of H2O. So if you’re planning on a damp walk in the park as opposed to a hike through swamps, you’ll probably be fine with water resistant.

    There are guidelines for what counts as waterproof and water resistant, with industry standards demanding scrupulous testing before they’re approved. For water resistant boots, you should be looking at their withstanding of 200 millimetres of water pressure, whilst waterproof must be able to hold out to a whopping 1000 millimetres.

    Heat lining your boots

    Although the average man won’t be working at high temperatures, it is sometimes a good idea to find heat proof footwear for it’s simple durability. With many Chelsea and Chukka style work boots on the market today offering durability and protection, you can find the ingredients for heat protection up and down the high street these days. Some have outsoles which are resistant to up to 140 degrees Celsius of heat whilst the material itself can resist oil, acid and organic fats. Whether you’re going to be working in a factory handling corrosive materials or you’re merely putting your feet up at the fireplace, there’s always a good reason to invest in good heat lining.

    Warm lining your boots

    From heat resistant to heat insulating, the cold weather can bring a real frosty bite to the feet. If you’d like to be able to feel your extremities, then it’s always wise to heat proof your boots to keep in the warmth. One of the best things about warm lining your boots is the fact that many cotton, or fur insoles can be removed and washed. Many warm lined boots are breathable however, meaning that your feet do not get too sweaty or constricted whilst warming up. The great thing about warm lining is that they can be used in many situations, whether your braving the arctic or walking the dog.

  • An Insider Guide To Platform Heels

    Since their inception, platforms have always been in fashion. The style may change, the essence of the platform shoe is always on trend.

    Ask any woman out there and most likely they’ll own a form of the platform. There are countless variations and designs out there, ranging from the high street to the cutting-edge designers. Whether you’re looking for a way to show off your legs or just a little extra height, the platform shoe is both a sure-fire hit and a great way to branch out into previously unexplored fashion territory. With most women’s shoe companies having their own platform heel designs, there’s plenty out there to literally keep you on your toes.

    So what types of platform are there to choose from?


    Flatforms take the platform heel and even it out with a thick sole which stretches from the toe to the heel. The up side of the flatform is that it puts no extra strain on one part of the foot but still adds height. Whilst heels can damage the foot if worn for too long, flatforms are merely there for you gain that extra few inches. Flatform’s therefore, can be more comfortable for the wearer and due to it’s flatness there is added room for design flourishes. Whilst heels don’t necessarily draw attention to the heel, the flatform will make the platform part of the shoe out of wood and sometimes raffia, the material which is used to make the Spanish espadrille shoe.

    Platform Boots

    Just ask the sales team at Dr Martens, platform boots sell like nothing else. With the sturdiness and attitude of a boot and the height of a flatform, platform boots are great for all occasions. Whether you’re dressing formally for work or you’re just going for a casual look then the platform boot could keep your head above the crowd with style and its height. Usually made from leather or faux leather and rubber soles, the platform fluctuates and blurs the line between the more goth-inspired and imposing platform boot and the more feminine styles. Whilst the boots can reach up to the knee’s, you can find subtler versions of the platform boot in the form of ankle high variations.

    Heelless Platforms

    Made famous by Lady Gaga, these are one of the newest innovations in the shoe world, let alone the platform world. Completely turning the high heeled platform design upside down, the heelless platform places the entire platform on the toe box of the shoe, meaning that all your weight is kept on the balls of your feet. These shoes may look unique and sometimes mind bending, but can cause quite the strain on the calves and ankles. The heelless platform should be reserved for special occasions then, or perhaps for the catwalk.

    Platform Heels

    You’ll find platform heels in almost every high street shoe shop. They’re the most popular out there and have been since the disco era of the 70’s and 80’s. The heel may have evolved over the years into something more defined than the thick wedges of the iconic era of disco fever, but it’s still very much the same idea. Since the 1990’s the platform shoe was reintroduced by fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood whilst notable wearers such as Naomi Campbell

    What to wear platforms with

    So, what are the best outfit matches for the platform shoe? One plus side is that almost all outfits go with the shoe but there are some style choices which will really make you stand out.

    Casual jeans

    Wearing platforms with your favourite pair of jeans and T shirt will give you that extra bit of height and at no price to your casual look. With a pair of figure defining jeans you can really pop with some platforms. Denim and the platform are as great a pair as chocolate and strawberries.


    Looking for a day on the beach? Try a platform wedge or a platform sandal with your bathing suit cover up or a pair of shorts to really get in gear for summer fun. The beach is the perfect place to show off your legs and with various summer designs out there, you can find a platform for your form.

    Dress to impress

    Platform heels can be worn with almost any party dress you choose. These are slightly more formal and great for a night out. Make sure you get the colour scheme right and you’ll be turning heads across the nightclub.

    Elevate your rebellious edge

    Platform boots project a military punkish sensibility, bands such as the Rolling Stones, The Clash and KISS having adopted the platform boots to iconic effect. If you need to bring some kick back into your life, then try platform boots with a touch of studded leather and ripped knee black jeans.

  • Best Coat And Boot Matches To Grab This Year

    Its winter and the weather may be getting darker quicker, but that means that you can wrap up warm and bring some colour back to the streets with a killer boot and coat combo.

    Boots and coats are one of the best combos known to mankind. It’s something about the low-rise flow of a good trench coat and the imposing kick of a boot that adds status and makes you stand out. It doesn’t have to be imposing though, many coats bring out the cute side in women’s clothing and finding the perfect combo can elevate your style from humdrum to dazzling. We thought we’d give you a rundown of some of the best coats and women’s winter boots out there this winter whilst exploring some tried and tested boot and coat combos which you can pick up on most high streets.

    Trench coats

    Brought into style during the early part of the 20th century, it’s not surprising to see how this once military jacket has taken a front seat when it comes to neutral colours and style in the 21st century. With adjustable waist belts so you can accentuate your curves, trench coats are functional and stylish, making them a must have coat to wrap up the winter.

    Aviator jackets

    With their fur lined lapels, these jackets again give a military feel which keeps you both fur lined and stylish at the same time. Usually coming with a large amount of zips, these cosy jackets are androgynous in style and allow a vintage feel whilst constant updates in material and colour keep the jacket classic up with the fast-paced modern-day trends.

    Colourful Pop coats

    The colourful coat has come back in, especially during the drudgery of winter. Whether you’re into your bright reds or you’re yelling yellows into the damp streets, there’s nothing like a bit of contrast and summer colour in the months that need it most. Pop coats come in many different styles and materials, but one thing they do have in common is an affinity for colour.

    On fire blazers

    You may dread the thread or think you have no need for tweed, but the blazer is back whether you like it or not. Add some sophistication to your style with heritage chequered jackets which are heavy enough to keep you warm through the winter months.


    Now onto the boots. Every kitted-out wardrobe should have a pair of boots on tap for those rainy days where you’re left with no choice but to walk. Here are a few of our favourites which we’re sure will keep you comfy, warm and stylish, whether during the winter.

    Military boots

    Harking back to the punk era, the military boot has come back into fashion because of the likes of companies such as Dr Martens creating popular lace up boots which are both sturdy and reliable. They bring that hard edge back to the boot and that’s just how it should be, the boot being both sturdy and edgy.

    Coloured Chelsea boots

    From hard military style to chic colourful numbers, with boots such as the Chelsea boot bringing a touch of class and sleekness to the usually clumpy boot world you’ll have a counterpoint to the Dr Marten style. With subtle reds and dark blues bringing some life back to the dull coloured boot world, you’ll find some great materials being played with here.

    Style mix and matches

    Finding the right boot and coat combo has never been easier. With so many colours and styles, not least the ones relayed above, there’s plenty to choose from. Whether it’s a contrast or a boot and coat match that blends colours, these combinations will have eyes turning in the damp winter streets.

    Coloured boots and trench coats

    Trench coats sweep the floor with a sophisticated swish. With the usually muted colours of the trench coats, it’s often a wise idea to match it with some eye-popping boots. Browse the wide variety of women’s winter boots sporting a dash of colour. Dark red and dark blue Chelsea boots seem to be on trend, complementing the greys and beiges of the trench coat with some vibrant richness.

    Military boots and colourful coats

    Military boots and colourful coats turn the colourful boot muted coat combo on it’s head. With Dr Martens boasting a great range of black and brown boots, these are less elegant winter boots that leave the daintiness to the colourful pop coats.

    Blazers and high shine boots

    Get that sleek and sophisticated sheen with a tweed blazer and a high shine Chelsea boots. These are for those who want to look high end on a budget, the sheen from a glossy pair of Chelsea boots will look great with trousers and a heritage style blazer.

  • Best Tips For Buying Shoes Online

    There are many problems with online shopping, and finding the right size is just the start!

    Shopping online for clothes can be even more laborious than a crowded fashion clearance sale. With countless products and deals to scroll through, all you’re faced with is a thumbnail or two showing you what you’re buying. It’s all well and good having the measurement information on the page but without the proper knowledge this can just come across as jargon to most. It is especially important to find the right fit with shoes. Whilst a skirt which is a size too big can be tailored and a shirt altered to fit, shoes either do or don’t. With a pair which is too tight you’ll be facing a cut off of circulation whilst too big shoes can lead to terribly painful sores and blisters on your feet. Returning shoes online can be a real pain so it’s important you find exactly the right fit for you on that first purchase. Below is everything you’ll need to know about choosing the right size and style women’s boots to fit and match your tastes.

    Choosing colour

    Finding the right colour for your style can be difficult, especially online. Photos can misrepresent a style as can the brightness of your screen monitor, the colour being a different shade to what you see online. As much as professionals will try and give you as accurate a representation as possible, the fact of the matter is that sometimes there will be factors outside of your control. Below are some of the easiest colours to go for in boots, and will be hard to mistake when buying online.


    Muted greys are one of the most popular colours at the moment. A reason for this is in part because of how they can blend both subtlety and boldness. Depending on what you wear grey boots with, much like brown, they’ll either blend or stand out. Whilst brown can stick out when worn with black, grey will go with almost any colour and gives you diversity in choice and style. Grey is easy to dye and can be made from a wide variety of different fabrics.


    Although metallic boots can seem a little out there to the more conservative of tastes, it is a boot fashion which can be transported from day to night wear with no effort at all. If you’re in the office, you can wear metallic boots with neutral colours and allow the boots to give that extra little bit of bite. When out and about, metallic boots paired with denim jeans can never go wrong for a more casual approach. Incorporating metallic boots into a jumpsuit or bodysuit get up is sexy whilst being too exposing and can be ideal for a night out. On top of this, metallic boots are what they are when looked at online; you can see the colours and patterns very easily.


    Much like grey coloured boots, navy can either be bold or subtle. The one problem with these when buying online is to make sure you can see the shade correctly. Blue come in many different tones and navy is a very specific one. Midnight blue can often be mistaken for black for instance. Navy boots can be worn with other blue tones to create a more balanced look, or it can be included within a neutral get up and therefore stand out. Of course denim goes well with navy boots due to the colours complementing each other.

    Different styles

    Working out what style you’re looking for online is usually easy unless the photos are misleading. The problem you must then face is what looks best for your personal look. With so much to consider, there’s several style tips to watch out for when shopping online.

    What is your heel height? This will have an effect on just where you wear the boot. If it’s too high a high heel boot then you should consider whether it is appropriate for the office. The problem with a high heel when shopping online is that looks can be deceiving from a photo. Always make sure that the heel measurements are written clearly online so that you can know just what you’re getting.

    The boot height is also important as it will determine what you wear it with. Again make sure the photos online are clear and that the measurements are written so that you can make the comparison with your own height.

    Whatever you go for, always make sure that you’re going for good quality. When shopping online check out the materials that your Women’s ankle boots are made from so that you can decide how durable they will be. Also read user reviews to find out how other people have found the boots.



  • Give Unfashionable Men The Boot

    For guys, it’s easier than you might think to tailor a look around the boot. There’s plenty out there, just choose wisely.

    When it comes to men, on the surface there’s less a diverse range than when it comes to women’s designer boots. There’s simply more of a choice out there in terms of style mash ups and boot varieties. Men are more confined in their choices, which is why we’ve decided to list some of the ways that men can experiment with boot style. Men are generally less adventurous when it comes to styling themselves so finding the perfect boot combo is not usually something you’d think about.

    Converse and their versatility

    One of the best things about converse ankle boots is just how versatile they can be. Whatever you’re planning on wearing, converse will more than likely go with it. They look great with shorts for that trendy summer look and can even be worn with a suit to keep smart clothes fresh and fun. Whatever you wear them with, they’ll always find a way to pop on a clothes combo. What’s more, converse ankle boots are unisex as well. As well as working with men’s style, women’s boots enthusiasts may also be attracted to these canvas trainer beauties.

    Chelsea boots for that sophisticated look

    Chelsea boots are an iconic British classic and are designed for both men and women. These boots date back to the Victorian era when they were designed by the Queen’s shoemaker Joseph Sparkes-Hall. These elasticated ankle boots had a resurgence in the 1960’s when they skyrocketed back into fashion. The Chelsea Boot can be worn with a wide range of styles, being one of the go to smart casual boots out there. The brown or black leather are not the only options when it comes to Chelsea Boots either, there’s plenty of versatility in pattern, material and colour. This means that each man can put his own original stamp on the boot.

    Desert boots for the smart casual man

    Desert boots are similar to the Chelsea boot but come in a more casual style. More chunky than its smarter counterpart, they are available not only in leather but in suede, making them more versatile than the Chelsea Boot. The Desert Boot was a popular style through the mid-20th century and has remained popular ever since. It’s not surprising to see why; Desert boots are versatile and remain trendy, the suede and leather options giving a range to choose from. On top of this they come at affordable high street prices, often finding shoe shops making their own branded desert boots for cheap buys.

    Doc Martins to regain your edge

    Doc Martins are supposed to last you a lifetime. It can be easy to forget just how sturdy these modest boots can be. With a good sole for grip, these often become buyer’s most comfy shoes they own. Having been popular in the punk era, the Doc Martin is great for the more edgy boot enthusiast and whilst there is a wide variety to choose from, ranging from the yellow thread bottomed to the smarter option, as well as a range of colours to choose from in the sturdy and rugged leather.

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