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  • Shoe-Ting For The Moon: Shoe Options For A Graduate Job Interview

    Like it or not, the summer’s over (did it actually ever start?) and autumn’s officially begun. And for a particular group of people that means one thing above all else – throwing themselves into post-university graduation job interviews. It’s a prospect that’s exciting and daunting at the same; a rite of passage that sees them step out into the big wide world and, quite possibly, take their first proper taste and bite out of it.

    And, if you’ve never been through an interview that you’re hoping’ll serve as a gateway to your career of choice, well, you’ll be acutely aware there’s a lot riding on it. Offering as it does several different challenges; not least looking smart, well-heeled and – from your appearance, at least – eminently employable.

    Wise up by smartening up
    And to pull this off successfully, not only do you need to dust off that suit at the back of the wardrobe (or buy a new one), but you also need to ensure your footwear’s up to scratch. For guys then, that means abandoning the sneakers or flip-flops they’ve likely lived in for the last three or four years and getting out there and selecting, well, an appropriate pair of shoes.

    And, don’t doubt it, you can’t coast through this one. Proper job interviews are all about making the right first impressions; there aren’t any second chances. Yes, even if the company or organisation you’ve been lucky enough to be called into for a meeting has a general (smart-)casual dress policy, abiding by that at the interview’s not going to cut the mustard. Don’t take liberties; always go a cut or two above in the smart stakes. Why? Because not only does that show you can if necessary, but also that you’re taking the role on offer seriously and mean business.


    Footwear options
    So, when it comes to footwear then, what does it mean to smarten up? Well, first things first; if you need a new suit, go select one of those first – it can serve as the lead for your men formal shoes of choice. For instance, a trendy slim suit with tapered trouser legs suggests a shoe with an Oxford or monk strap; formal but fashionable. Feel that black shoes may be just a little too staid for you (and maybe not how you want to express yourself in the interview)? Then be aware there’s nothing wrong with brown men’s work shoes with a non-black suit; they go very nicely with grey or navy suits, in particular.

    mens work shoes

    And, if you’re feeling a tad more adventurous, then how about a pair of boots? A stylish yet not too trendy Chelsea boot (don’t forget the polish!) is likely to go down well with prospective employers or an antiquated leather-featuring ankle boot might be just the ticket. Fair dos, though, you may feel like pushing the boat out further – depending on the conservatism (or lack thereof) of where you’re applying for a job, of course.


    In that case, a laced-cum-buckle boot in either navy or brown leather – or even suede – may be the sort of thing to catch your eye and that of your interviewer; adding a touch of spice to your appearance that suggests dynamism rather than misplaced over-confidence and over-showiness. Meanwhile, away from lace-ups, there’s always the smart, polished loafer option that’s easy to slip on and off; designed specifically for comfort (and possibly helping to relax you ahead of all those piercing interview questions!).

    In the end, whatever shoe you choose to go with, be sure you don’t under-do it (looking smart’s likely to be crucial) but not overdo it (don’t look like you’ve too much bravado) – remember, that interviewer’s going to make an instant judgment call based on your appearance, whether you or even they realise it.

  • Illegal Pedal Pushing: Is It Against The Law To Drive Barefoot?

    Yes, those hazy, crazy days of summer are over for another year. Another year’s worth of barbecues, camping trips, days out to the seaside and jaunts into the countryside with the kids are over again. Ah, the memories – did you make some good ones this summer? But here’s a good question, during your loose, carefree summer holiday, did you at any point drive without any footwear? Did you motor about without any shoes on your feet as you pressed down on the peddles? And, if so, did you feel a pang of guilt or even a twinge of concern that maybe – just maybe – you were breaking the law?Yes, those hazy, crazy days of summer are over for another year. Another year’s worth of barbecues, camping trips, days out to the seaside and jaunts into the countryside with the kids are over again. Ah, the memories – did you make some good ones this summer? But here’s a good question, during your loose, carefree summer holiday, did you at any point drive without any footwear? Did you motor about without any shoes on your feet as you pressed down on the peddles? And, if so, did you feel a pang of guilt or even a twinge of concern that maybe – just maybe – you were breaking the law?


    Believe it or not, there’s genuinely a good deal of debate – owing to a lack of certainty – over this issue; what does British law state on the matter? Many people cite various reasons why it may be illegal to drive barefoot but, according to the RAC, the reality is that they’re not correct – technically speaking, it’s not illegal to drive without any shoes on. Nor is it against the law to drive merely in flip-flops. That said, if you’ve ever done so and are tempted to do so again, you ought to be aware of a particular caveat.

    To wit, the law states, it doesn’t actually matter what you are or are not wearing on your feet as you drive, so long as you can safely manage a vehicle’s controls (i.e. foot pedals). So, without any shoes on and with dripping wet feet or while wearing rather slippery – or even broken – flip-flops, there may be a danger (let’s be honest, it is quite possible) that you are putting other drivers and passengers on the road and your own passengers and yourself at danger. If this is a real scenario, the law’s clear here – you’re breaking it.

    It’s not illegal, but is it right?

    So then, technically, driving barefoot isn’t illegal, but according to one of the country’s chief bodies that concerns itself with this sort of thing, it’s far from advisable and, well, plain wrong. Yes, the Driving Standards Agency (which is responsible, of course, for regulation of British driving tests) states that “suitable shoes are particularly important behind the wheel … We would not recommend driving barefoot because you don’t have the same braking force with bare feet as you do with shoes on”.


    Food for thought there; definitely. Moreover, the RAC’s pretty unbending when it comes to guidelines for safe driving; footwear-wise, that is:

    • whatever footwear you’re wearing – even it’s particularly cheap shoes UK – it shouldn’t have a sole that’s clearly too thin or soft, nor a sole thicker than 10mm
    • your shoes also should definitely possess enough grip to prevent slippage from the pedals (this really should be obvious, but still!)
    • they shouldn’t unduly restrict your ankle movement (for instance, would those stylish new high heels you’re wanting to wear out do that?)
    • be either too narrow or wide so you end up depressing more than one pedal at a time (technically then, this suggests the RAC believe you shouldn’t try driving in either high heels or flip-flops)
    • finally, be aware that while light Toms summer shoes may prove dangerous for driving, so too might particularly heavy footwear – are snow-boots, for example, genuinely suitable driving attire?
    • Finally, in light of the above advice, it’s worth considering some hard facts. Apparently, four in every 10 women happily drive in high heels, while pretty much the same number of them do so in flip-flops (39 percent) and a quarter (24 percent) blithely go barefoot behind the wheel. As for male drivers, more than a quarter admit to driving in flip-flops (27 percent) and more than two in 10 do so barefoot.

      Are those figures higher than you thought they might be? Do they concern you at all? Well, if so (and even they don’t), you’re best advised to take the safe option and simply throw on a sensible pair of shoes whenever you pop out for a drive. After all, would you go out for a jog – let alone a run – in flip-flops or high heels?

  • Horoscope-ing it out: Choosing Shoes According To Your Zodiac Sign

    Sure, it may sound a bit bonkers, but if you’re partial to a bit of astrology – or if you’re a died-in-the-wool believer – why not take your lead from your horoscope the next time you’re faced with a challenging shoe selection. Moreover, to do so makes shoe-buying arguably even more fun that it was before. So then, weighing up all that (as if on Libra’s scales), just which shoes are likely to suit you best according to your zodiac sign…?



    Confident, independent and fiery, Aries women like to mix it up in the style stakes; red’s a colour that tends to naturally resonant with them. In which case, push the fashion stakes with a pair of extravagant heels if this one’s your sign.



    If you were born under Taurus, there’s a good chance that, for you, you equate style with quality; practicality’s likely to go hand-in-hand with appearance – that means a pair of shoes should be durable and affordable as well as look lovely when you pull them on. The right shoe for you? Something attractive, but also comfortable and sturdy – how about a pair of suede-based women’s brogue shoes?


    The dualism in Geminis makes their sense of style hard to ascertain all the time. That said, they do tend to opt for light over dark shades (blues, silvers, yellows and whites), but their preferences can turn on a sixpence. What to go for then? How about merging the stylistic with the casual and plump for a pair of clean, classic-looking trainers? In which case, do check out our collection of Sketchers shoes for women!



    Cancerians can be very romantic and often have a soft spot for vintage and retro looks and, as such, risk-taking when it comes to style may not often be on the agenda. If this is your sign then, elegant, feminine flats may suit you down to the ground.


    Those who call Leo their birth-sign tend to be show-offs at heart (as practically everyone knows); they don’t like to hide their sense of style under a bushel. That means Leos are the ones most likely to be dedicated followers of fashion; the ones turning heads with how great their outfits look – bling’s the thing, so why not go for über-decorative heels?


    Yes, you may know it to be true if you’re one, Virgo women can picky; like it or not. And that means they’re detail oriented – it’s all about the beautiful touches; the accents and the stitches in footwear, for instance, and the alphabetised shoe closet. A classic, ladylike and long-lasting flat shoe’s probably the right fit here.


    Of course, Librans appreciate balance – why not mix up styles instead of just plumping for one? Why not try to achieve a harmonious union when it comes to your wardrobe? Decorative heels then that ooze classic appeal but with contemporary touches may be perfect here.


    Pushing the envelope and not being afraid to, yes, sting in the fashion stakes is what a Scorpio enjoys; something cool and sleek but with edginess may be right up a Scorpio’s street in footwear – a stylish heel that’s also a power shoe.


    Sagittarians enjoy a good wander – they’ve a restless spirit and an adventurous nature – and that means that fashion and comfort has to be allied to good-looking clothes and shoes. The Sagittarian footwear choice? How about a durable, clunky but rather funky boot?


    Capricorns are all about sophistication, but simplicity too. Dressing-up’s fun but it shouldn’t be too elaborate. In which case, a classic, sophisticated shoe with an attractive heel in a colour that strikes a stylish tone sounds about right.


    Unpredictable and liable to flow this way and that, watery Aquarians aren’t one for tradition; dressing-up to appease others isn’t for them. Why do that when you can wear exactly what *you* want so you’re happy and comfortable? Go eclectic and cool in some stylish boots – or, of course, choose whatever you like!


    Pisceans have a bit of a reputation for being cosy. Is that unfair? Maybe, but Pisces women do tend to like feminine silhouettes, all right, and the likes of lace and soft fabrics. Something a bit girly may be a good fit then – like pink heels with style and feminine elegance.

  • Sold on these Soles? Trendy Men’s Shoes for Autumn

    Like it or not, the temperatures are dropping and so are the leaves – off the trees, that is; having turned brown, red and gold first, of course. Yes, summer’s officially slid into autumn; it’s a new season, all right. And that means there are new clothing lines to check out and throw yourself into – or, in the case of what we’re all about here, pulling on to your feet. But should you be interested in men’s footwear, what should you be looking out for this autumn? What styles and looks are likely to be making the running to the end of the year? (And, yes, far from all of them will be trainers).

    Chunky trainers

    Yep, you read that right; chunky trainers are most definitely set to be ‘in’ this autumn. A good number of the big-name brands are releasing what you might refer to as ‘maximalist’ efforts in the sneaker genre of men’s shoe for this season’s raft that, it could be said, look back to the 1990s for their inspiration. Both bright and monochromatic colour combinations are what it’s all about, so this isn’t going to be a look topped off well by skinny jeans; heavy denim with turn-ups’d be far better.

    Deluxe sneakers

    They’ve been around a long time and, yes, expensive, luxury trains don’t appear to be going away any time soon. Having dominated trainer-wear for some years, this season’s offerings at least look set to be about something a little different than before – going for a sportier appearance than those of the last few years. In short, it’s all about clean, classic running shoes – in both looks and materials (luxurious suede and tonal leathers) – this season. Just make sure you also purchase decent shoe protector if you’re tempted to go this running shoe route.


    Alternatively, of course, you could pick up a perfectly fine pair of sneakers in the shape of Mustang trainers; not least as they come in all sorts of varied styles.

    Military boots

    They may not be your cup of tea, but army-style stompers are making a comeback this autumn. Yes, following a popular cameo on this year’s catwalks, military stompers look set to be filling the high-end shelves in shoe shops once more (in addition to the likes of Reiker boots). Clumpy and clunky they may be, but the secret to looking good with this style of footwear is not to think muddy GI Joe or Action Man, but rather to embrace it as a centuries-old shoe trend that should be treated with respect for its pedigree; that is, polish its burnished leathers to a sheen and wear them at the bottom of an über-stylish suit.


    Thick soles

    Finally, whichever way you slice it, there’s no getting away from it; shoe designers have been slicing it thickly – for, yes, thick soles are very much in until the end of the year. And we’re talking in almost every way; on the base of a boot, crepe-sole Derbies or exaggerated near-tyre bottoms to shoes. Soles are back, for sure. And, you know, that’s probably sensible in its way. After all, a bigger sole for this time of year’s rather sensible, given the welcome, extra traction it should lend for all the wet and icy days we’re bound to have to endure in the weeks ahead, let’s be honest.

    From a more aesthetic viewpoint, though, is this a sign of a renaissance for vintage, retro-style footwear? Possibly. What goes around comes around, of course, and that’s always undoubtedly true for fashion; one thing’s for sure, there’s little new about this look. But is that such a bad thing? Not necessarily no. Many of this season’s designs are easy on the eye and easy to wear to, er, boot. So good news all round then.

  • Footwear Fundamentals: What No Woman’s Shoe Closet Should Be Without


    Let’s be honest, a lot of women love shoes. In fact, a lot of women love shoes so much that they love *a lot* of shoes. And why not? A deliciously designed shoe can be one of the most beautiful things on earth. And yet, to check their shoe closet, some may concede they simply have too many of them. Yes, I know; it’s a terrifying realisation, but it could be well be true for a number of women out there. And they may arrive at the decision they could do with selling on some of the shoes that they just don’t get enough wear out of.

    So, if you’re reading this blog post and feeling that could (or should) very well be you or, of course, if you’re looking to build a shoe closet collection, what are the essential group of shoes you shouldn’t be without? What are the fundamental footwear that every modern woman should seek to own in order to cover every occasion and every eventuality when they step outside the front door? Well, here are some pointers we’ve put together that you may feel are particularly inspiring; less food for thought then, more footwear for thought…

    Black pointed heels

    This one’s your basic pump in the perfect-for-all-weathers-and-every-day black with not too tall a heel as well as a pointed-toe to provide a combination of practicality, comfort, elegance and a dash of style. A pair of these are a go-to as women’s work shoes and for nights out, giving any outfit you throw on that touch of sophistication.

    Ankle-strap sandals

    Perfect for those warm spring and summer days when you want to take advantage of the weather and give off a light, breezy, even girly vibe, a sandal with a barely-there ankle-strap’s always a winner as it not only goes with almost anything (not least floral, swirling dresses) but also lengthens your legs.

    Cool ankle boots

    Again, useful in almost any situation (work, play, formal or informal), a black Marco Tozzi ankle boot’s a glorious go-to shoe nowadays, but it’s not just its versatility that makes it so essential, it’s the fact that, depending on the design, it can add a hint of edgy design too.


    Deluxe loafer

    No woman should be without a decent flat shoe option and, replacing the erstwhile ballet flat, as today’s answer to that necessity an elegantly realised loafer (borrowed from the men’s footwear staple, in inspiration at least) is unbeatable. Seek out a pair in either, again, erstwhile black or bright, bold shades.

    Animal-print heels

    Popular for decades now, heels in an animal-print still give off that somewhat rebellious vibe (especially when worn with a more conservative outfit, thus complementing it well; just ask our Prime Minister), but when the rest of the outfit’s equally as bold and designer-inspired, they can really add to the kittenish, even sultry effect. Snakeskin or leopard-print heels are always best advised.

    Metallic heels

    Fun floral prints offered by the likes of Ruby Shoos make for wonderful indulgences in your shoe closet, of course, but for sheer fundamental usability evening-out after evening-out, there’s little to top a pair of metallic heels. Especially as they work equally well when you’re enjoying yourself in your day-time down-time.


    Short stacked heels

    Stiletto heels are for those who can pull off wearing – and walking in them – with aplomb and, well, doing so in comfort. Far more practical (and wearable whatever the time of day or season) are a pair of short stacked heels. Neutral designs also ensure they’ll go with practically any outfit in your wardrobe above the shoe closet.

    Casual trainers

    Where would we be without sneakers? Far from a shoe to, er, sneak about in, a trendily designed trainer is perfect for the weekend, when you haven’t anything that formal to dress up for. Ideal when worn along with jeans, of course, but also fun for pulling off that girly look with short dresses.

    Tall flat boots

    Finally, what woman can do without a decent pair of boots come the autumn and winter? For both comfort and style, tall boots with flat soles look great thanks to their equestrian-like influence and top off a simple jacket, t-shirt and jeans look to a tee.

  • Walking A Mile in Their Shoes: The Importance Of Choosing Good Walking Shoes

    No doubt about it; there are few healthier activities than going for a good walk – both for the body and the mind. And combining a good yomp with scenery and discovering the world around you’ll make for an enormously pleasant experience too, of course. That said, though; it’s all for nothing if your walk leads to painful ankles, heels and toes and genuine harm done to your feet and other parts of your body. What you need for such occasions then is properly appropriate, quality walking shoes.

    Now, many may read that and, automatically, one word probably pops into their head: trainers. Yet, should you wear a pair or running shoes that, yes, are very deliberately made for running the result may be discomfort and blisters and sores should you try a copiously long walk in them.

    Walking shoes for the win

    So, if you have bought a pair of trainers for walking in – and we mean serious walking here; yomping-across-the-countryside-style – you may well have made a mistake. Instead, a pair of decent walking shoes don’t just prevent the likelihood of developing blisters, calluses, corns and so on, they should make sure the impact and stress the feet endure from constant contact with the ground over and over again, don’t do them undue harm.


    Good walking shoes then – such as Sketchers shoes for men – are all about adequately supporting the feet as you call on them to support you for miles on end. If you’re wearing footwear that isn’t capable of doing this, it falls on the rest of the body to overcompensate and that’s likely – if you’re unlucky – to lead to the likes of backache, hip pain and damage, to a greater or less extent, to your ankles, heels and possibly your knees.

    Choosing your walking shoes

    So, what to really consider when selecting a pair of shoes you intend to use primarily for walking? Well, the following are all important:

    • Lightweight design – generally speaking, heavy shoes aren’t great for long walks, as they can put strain and stress on the feet, so be sure you’re comfortable with the weight of any you’ve your eye on (for instance, any of the Sketchers shoes for women range)sketchers-shoes-women
    • Shock absorption – no, we’re not talking about car wheels here; the more force your walking shoes absorb the better
    • Shape – you’re going to be wearing these shoes for a long time (and clomping about in them the majority of that time too) so they’re going to have to properly fit your feet, which means the shape of them has to match, or at least accommodate, the shape of your feet nicely and not be too wide, too narrow, too long or too short; also, the sole’s shape needs to fit the arch of your foot, so it can’t be too flat or too (high-) arched
    • Flexibility – again, you can’t forget just how much time you’re going to be spending in these shoes, so they need to be nicely flexible so they bend as your feet naturally bend when walking, which means, ideally, they should mimic the bending of your feet
    • Cushioning – where’s the cushioning in your walking shoes? If it’s only under the heel, that’s no good; you need a decent amount under the balls of your feet too
    • And don’t forget – if possible, try on both walking shoes of the pair you’re interested in as one of your feet may naturally be a little bigger than the other; do a bit of walking in them before buying them (again, if possible) and wear your new shoes around the house to start with so your feet get used to them and vice versa.
  • Looking Back To Look Ahead: 2017’s Men’s Shoe Trends Not To Forget

    Fashion tends to move at a fair lick; that’s common knowledge. Yet, it’s not quite so for every facet of the fashion industry. For instance, men’s shoe trends don’t exactly hurtle along the track like an express train late for its destination. It tends to be more the slow-burn when you’re talking smart shoes, sneakers, boots and loafers for the male market.

    In which case, there’s really no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak; we may now have entered autumn, but it’s still highly relevant to what’s available in the high-street shops and via the online stores (like this very site) as to what was hot in the previous season. To wit, let’s take a look at the styles in men’s footwear of the previous two seasons (spring and summer 2017) and see if we can spot some fine offerings worth singling out…

    Clean sneakers
    The two main trainer trends of spring/ summer 2017 are definitely worth noting. First is an update of the traditional-looking running shoe, thanks to the incorporation of the likes of knitted nylon, neoprene and mesh into old-school-esque designs. Indeed, performance-focused sock silhouettes (to bandy about an industry term) are all the rage, along with panelled trainers – from the top, premium brands down.

    The second trainer trend is the more minimal-looking type of sneaker. This one’s all about clean design and subtle stylings; premium leather uppers and deluxe finishes. The tailoring feels contemporary for sure and, to be fair, so’s the idea really; combining a trainer with a casual shoe but in a sophisticated manner. There’s no shoehorning in of styles here (ahem).


    Indeed, the great thing about this sort of look is that, sho

  • Looking – and Feeling – Brill In Your High Heels: How To Be Comfortable And Avoid Injury


    High heels are, well, frankly wonderful, aren’t they? The perfect dressy shoe for work, nights-out and special occasions. And that’s because they not only ensure your bottom half’s topped off with as smart a look as possible, but also provide an opportunity to indulge your natural inclination to dress-up and, well, let’s face it, show off a bit. And, of course, they feed your fashionable side; giving the latest trends and styles a go.

    But, in addition to that, there’s no getting away from it; high heels are also great because they naturally improve a woman’s overall silhouette, their overall profile. They simply ensure a woman’s feet look sleeker, more sophisticated and – in the vast majority of cases – more attractive. More so than other women's heeled ankle boots can do so, you might argue. No wonder they’ve proved so enduring then for pretty much the past century; so many more designs are created, manufactured and sold each year and the particular shoe type itself never seems to go out of fashion.



    But, in spite of all this, is there a downside to wearing high heels? Well, for some women and in some cases, yes; unfortunately, they can also do your feet – and your wider body – harm. It is, as practically every woman’s aware, easier to do yourself an injury because you’re wearing high heels than should you be sporting flats, women’s comfort shoes or so-called ‘sensible’ shoes. And, like it or not, far from all high heels make for the most comfortable footwear choice. So how can you overcome this? How can you ensure your pair of high heels neither do you any harm nor make for an uncomfortable day at work or night out on the tiles?

    In part, as you may expect, ensuring you don’t injure yourself when wearing soaring stilettos is all about achieving and maintain a good posture and, of course, walking with a level of care, but here are some further ideas in more detail to take note of:

    • Cushioned insoles are big friends for the balls of your feet, as they provide arch support and ensure you don’t tilt forward as much as you otherwise might – and so last longer in your heels
    • ‘Lengthening’ of the foot can still be achieved via heels with almond-toe profiles as opposed to those with blunt-pointed profiles and the big advantage the former have over the latter is that such pointed shoe-ends don’t push the toes together as much, thus avoiding both potential pain the formation of bunions
    • Like it or not, no stiletto’s good the foot or the rest of the body; they may look fantastic, but be prepared to pay for it, I’m afraid; stilettos generate instability, putting pressure on the ankles and knees and possibly leading to spraining ligaments because you’re not using your foot and leg muscles like normal and so could bring about repetitive-strain injuries
    • A good rule of thumb is to make sure your heel is no longer than three inches; any more could end being damaging to your feet and the rest of your body – be aware too that the length of the heel is relative to the length of the shoe’s platform; for instance, a three-inch heel ought to be accompanied by a 0.75-inch platform to mitigate for the heel’s height and the damage it could cause
    • Finally, after wearing heels, you can aid your feet’s health by doing a few things, such as stretching your legs’ calf muscles, doing ankle-circles to stimulate the blood flow and soaking your feet in warm water, especially with Epsom salt should you have any.
  • Awesome for Autumn: Women’s Shoe Trends To Fawn Over In ‘Fall’

    So, if you’re into your fashion, given that they’re we’re now into late September, it’s highly likely you’re aware of the apparel trends on their way this autumn. You’ll know about the sort of looks to fly across your social feeds and to spot in the high-street stores as you’re out and about. But what about the items to go on your feet? What about female footwear to the end of the year? Are you suitably clued up on the fashions that are set to sweep across the women’s shoe and trainer landscape? If not, then allow us to fill you in…

    Heels with ankle-wraps

    A shoe with a sort of lower-leg accessory, this one’s a little reminiscent of gladiator-style sandals but, yes, obviously with a heel instead. And there’s set to be all sorts of different luxurious designs going on too; many of them looking souped-up and delicious, for sure. It’s all about achieving a sophisticated silhouette and adorning it with additional embellishments – the likes of beads, buckles and ribbons. Throw on a pair of these and it’s all going on down there; so, no need to worry about adorning the rest of your outfit too.

    Floral jacquard

    Often bold and dynamic, but sometimes subtle, these shoes are all about harnessing the beautiful floral prints of oh-so many delightful dresses and, yes, divine drapes of the interior décor kind and bolting them to a pair for supreme shoes.


    So, it’s all playful and imaginative patterns shot through with sophistication too, of course (check out examples in our Ruby Shoo range) – to ensure your shoe closet really will be blooming even if the autumnal outside isn’t.

    Laced-to-the-very-top boots

    Who doesn’t love an over-the-knee boot? It’s a retro delight that every few seasons seems to come back round and rear its welcome, er, over-the-heel head. The difference this time, though, is that the heel looks lowered, while the sole is a bit chunkier and the laces, yes, deliriously go all-the-way-up to the top of the boot. The effect achieves a sort of an exuberant boho chic that’ll go splendidly with short-hemmed silhouettes and sweater dresses, both of which’ll enable the boot to be the centre of attention it demands to be.


    Extra-high platforms

    As if OTT-ish lace-ups aren’t enough, it’s also all set to be going on at the bottom when it comes to this season’s platforms. We’ve seen enduring trends for terrifyingly tall heels in recent years and now it’s the platforms’ turn. It’s possible this autumn that to see four-inch-plus curved heels won’t be unusual. Yes, really. Clunky, funky and terrifically tall, it’s going to be disco inferno, all right!

    Finally, why not a good hybrid to end on – a combination of boots and trainers, effectively. The appeal here is that they provide comfort and durability (the boot aspect) and style and sleek lines (the sneaker look). Plus, of course, they’ll offer something of an antidote to the outrageousness of those aforementioned platforms and the dressiness of the ankle-wrap heels and never-ending lace-up boots.

    An outfit they’re bound to top off nicely would be an ‘athleisure’ number – you know, that combo of sweater/ leggings, t-shirt/ track pants or sweatshirt/ jeans. In short, these sneaker boots are causal to a tee, but with a keen designer eye thrown in for good measure, but of course. That said, if when you do want to (read: feel like you simply can’t avoid) going the casual route some days, you may prefer to go in a simpler trainers direction – so, be sure to check out the women’s Sketchers trainers section on our website; its brimming with comfortable options and cool looks.

  • Bread-and-Butter Footwear: The Shoes Every Man Should Own

    Obviously, here at Mr Shoes, we’re all in favour of people adding more footwear to their shoe closets (or wherever it is they keep their footwear), but the reality is that, for men at least, they don’t actually need to own that many pairs. Indeed, there are only really five pairs – five specific pairs and decent, high quality versions of them, mind you – they need to own to cover the bases. The trick is then to make sure your pairs properly fit the bill…

    White canvas trainers

    The ideal male casual shoe? A pair of canvas-style trainers are especially great for warm weather, but don’t worry, of course they can be worn with socks too. They’re proper weekend shoes – they’re all about relaxed barbecues, away days at the pool, trips to the beach and just chilling out in the back garden. And, naturally, the best colour choice – given all these things – may just have to be white.

    Brown ankle boots

    There’s nothing like a good desert boot. The chukka, as it’s also known, is versatile to say the least. Great for all weathers whatever the time of year and always stylish, this undoubtedly classic kind of ankle boot pretty much goes with everything – jeans, corduroys, chinos or trousers; fully- or semi-casual. Dress-up, dress-down or go in between; it matters not with ankle boots. For true flexibility, your best bet’s definitely a brown (rather than a sandy-coloured) version. Of course, for style purposes, you may want to substitute a brown ankle boot for something a little snappier, a little more dynamic – in which case, we’d suggest a pair of men’s Chelsea boots; but it’s up to you.


    Rich brown loafers

    A brown take on another classic shoe is all about versatility too, namely the loafer. Equally at home when paired with jeans on a night out or with trousers in a business-casual environment, they ooze something of an easy attitude thanks, of course, to being easy to slip on and off (and, thus, great too for speeding up getting through airport security!), but are still dressy enough for work. Well, not when you have to look as smart as possible, that is (i.e. for a job interview or client meeting).


    If ever a shoe could be described as a workhorse, then it’s surely a wingtip. A pair of these are essential for men; smart shoes for office-wear then, along with a decent suit or, if your work environment’s a little more casual, a jacket, a button-up shirt and trousers. Pretty much whatever style or colour of suit/ jacket and trousers goes with an elegant pair of wingtips – and depending on the shade of your overall outfit, your wingtips will either be most suitable in black (for all colours) or brown (for non-black – navy or grey – trousers and jacket). All that said, be aware that the darker the brown wingtip for work the better; that means a pair in a darker shade than, say, walnut or cognac.


    Black Oxfords

    Finally, the last on this list of essential men’s footwear is another work-shoe, but compared to a pair of wingtips, a pair Oxfords are definitely the equivalent of a Rolls-Royce. That’s to say, a pair of these are the ones you break out for those days when you really have to dress to impress. Not least as they always come in black – no browns here – so they’re all about complementing your smartest suit. And, don’t get the wrong idea, that means they’re not just for major work days, but also special occasions when looking no less than tip-top from head to foot will do. Either plain-toe of cap-toe Oxfords are fine, but it’s best to steer clear of decoration (after all, a shoe with trimmings isn’t exactly appropriate for a black-tie event, let alone a funeral). And make sure they’re polished when you step out of the house wearing them.

    So, there you go; those are the five essentials no man should really be without in the footwear department. When you’ve a pair of each of these down-pat, you’re free to arm yourself with all manner of other shoes too, if you like – but, of course, if owning more than these five isn’t your cup of tea, that’s absolutely fine because, as they’re the essential shoes you should own, you won’t actually need any more at all.

  • Per-Suede-Ing Footwear: Making An Impression With Suede Boots

    They sell in their millions every year, of course, but there’s no getting away from it; most men still look upon buying a suede shoe – not least in arguably in its coolest incarnation, the suede boot – a purchasing choice that’s not devoid of risk. The simple fact is that, although it effortlessly oozes style, it’s a shoe that’s not for every occasion; it’s not practical to wear every day.

    That said, though; it definitely shouldn’t put any man off from going the suede route in terms of footwear. A pair of suede boots is simply an unadulterated classic of men’s fashion. Investing in a pair’s the ideal way to spruce up an outfit, giving a wonderfully, often subtly stylish twist.


    The trick then when choosing a pair is to consider two things – quality and colour. Good quality suede should last for more than just one season – what’s the point of buying shoes that won’t? – and going for a pair in a shade that’s universal enough to go with more than one outfit (and, for instance, longer than the mere summer months) is also important. Get it right and you’ll have found a comfortable, great-looking alternative to those black Rieker boots you always turn to as a default footwear choice…

    Going casual

    Believe it or not, if worn right, suede boots can be very versatile. They’re ideal for achieving both a totally casual or semi-smart look and, so long as you avoid those heavy spring/ autumnal showers in them, they’re great as day-to-day shoes. As far as making suede boots work as best as possible for a casual look, your best bet is to avoid going for an overly dressy appearance; your body silhouette should achieve an appearance that’s smooth and simple. That means combining a sweater or light jumper with perhaps a flannel shirt or t-shirt and no skinnier leg-wear than slim-fitting jeans. Indeed, if you’re looking to buy tan suede boots, this’ll be especially suitable.

    The smart-casual look

    When it comes to dressing more to impress, the suede boot’s also a reliable footwear choice. It works best, though, when you lend your overall outfit a timeless appearance, which means from the feet up, a pair of fashionable trousers or chinos, then a blazer and (if necessary) an overcoat on top – or even a fleece underneath this, if the days and nights truly are chilly. This whole look will fit tan or grey suede boots to a tee.

    Cleaning suede shoes

    As touched on at the outset, suede shoes or boots aren’t ideal for every practical situation (i.e. very rainy days or excursions out into the muddy countryside) and yet, having said that, it’s entirely possible to clean and care for suede products so that, should you be sensible, your shoes and boots remain in good condition for many years. Sure, suede shoes can be a bit more of a challenge to give due care and attention to than, say, leather Mustang shoes, but should you make sure you have the following bits of kit, you should be able to do a fair job:


    • a shoe brush
    • a suede brush
    • a nail brush
    • a suede rubber
    • Crep Protect spray

    To clean your suede shoes, you should start out with a normal shoe brush; this’ll ensure you begin by removing any excess dirt. Following this, a suede rubber or a nail brush will help to treat any blemishes or scuff marks and, finally, a more specialised suede brush will effectively work to lift the nap of the shoe after the rest of your cleaning routine. Just be sure you finish off by using the shoe brush in the same direction to ensure the nap’s even across the shoe or boot’s surface.

  • Dressing To Un-Impress: What Are Your Shoes Saying About You?

    If clothes help make a man then you’d be a fool to rule shoes out of the equation. During everything from that all-important job interview to that long-awaited first date, you’re being judged not just on what you’re wearing on your body but also on what you’re wearing on your feet, whether you like it or not.

    To that end, a man’s shoes are like code for what he thinks about himself and how he presents himself to the world at large – whether he cares about his appearance, whether he’s fashionable, whether he just goes with the flow, whether he’s confident and whether he’s old-fashioned and just doesn’t care. What perception of yourself do you want to project to the world at large? What shoes then do you wear? If you’re wearing the wrong shoes, you may well be making mistakes. Here are some to consider…


    Are your shoes too trendy?

    Be careful not to plump for a pair of shoes or boots that are simply too on-trend for the rest of your outfit. If you’re the sort who likes the idea of being and appearing fashionable, this may end up giving the impression that you’re actually not as fashionable as you think you are; that is, you’re be getting it wrong, fashionista-wise. In the end, a good rule of thumb is to embrace trends, not chase them.

    Are your shoes trendy but outdated?

    Here’s another problem with chasing very specific trends; they go out of fashion as fast as they come in. You don’t want to be carbon-dated by your footwear in the eyes of those ‘in the know’. If you’re wearing foot clobber that only really popstars and models wore about three years ago, you’re not looking your best. Be careful about very specific ‘seasonal’ fashions too – do you want to be caught wearing winter brogues that were big months ago when now it’s all about Toms summer brand?

    tom shoes

    Do your shoes look inappropriate?

    Like it or not, life and the world outside is reality and your appearance should reflect that – especially in social situations. That means your shoes, as well as your clothes, should gel well with your surroundings. So, trainers with a suit are a no-no, just as Oxfords or Derbies with a tracksuit look ridiculous. And if it’s the dead of winter, why are you wearing those lightweight, summery Toms? Make sure you pop on your finest footwear for graduations, client meetings and job interviews; not pull on beaten up slip-ons like you’re rolling out of bed and on your way to a university lecture.

    Are your smart shoes polished?

    If you’ve proudly bought a pair of snazzy smart-smart shoes, why would you fail to complete the look by not polishing them? That’s like not brushing your teeth or your hair before you leave the house. Fair dos, overdoing the polish may produce a sheen that’d be more appropriate for the parade ground, but they should at least look decent; that is, free of scuff, dirt and dust. Alternatively, of course, you may fancy going for a ‘rougher’ look; one where boots – especially – looking a little distressed fit the rest of your outfit. If so, make sure the rest of your outfit actually does mirror your boots’ appearance.


    Have your shoes seen better days?

    Yes, it’s true; it can be just as hard letting go of that favourite but worn-out pair of shoes or boots as it is bidding farewell to a likewise adored but holey shirt, jumper or pair of jeans. But to love is to let go – to love yourself in this instance; imagine what you look like clomping about in trainers with holes developing at the toes and gaps opening up at the seams. Unfortunately, this sort of look doesn’t shout carefree and laid-back; it screams unkempt and tatty. Do yourself a favour and buy a new pair – there’s plenty of fish (or, rather, shoes) out there.

  • Shoe Fitting Service in Demand

    A study has been carried out, by the society of shoe fitters and the general medical council in hope that the two can be linked. 

    It is hoped that the communication between the footwear industry and orthotists will be much greater and as a result, provide a better service to the public. 

    We could not agree more and think that it is vital that any development with this would be of huge benefit to our staff and customers alike. We want to ensure that our customers are wearing exactly the right footwear and that we, as a business are providing the range of footwear for this to be possible. 

    We have turned the way in which we approach footwear to focus on the comfort factor. The shoe must firstly appear comfortable. Then it is about the detail; dual fitting insoles, memory foam insoles, flexible soles and wide fitting uppers. 

    The amount go people wearing orthotics in their shoes is growing and the need for them to fit into a pair of shoes which also looks great is very relevant. 

    If you need help and advice about the available footwear or assistance with fitting, pop into one of our stores or call one of our customer service team. We would love to help and make sure that more people are wearing the correct footwear which also looks fantastic!

  • New Store Open - Cambridge Market Square


    17a Market Street Cambridge

    Back where it belongs and grown up.

    Mr Shoes has returned to Cambridge with it's famous eclectic mix of footwear for men and women. Returning just a few doors down from the original store which it first opened, over 20 years ago in 1981.

    The Family footwear run independant has decided to focus on East Anglia, where it is already well known. Mr Shoes continues to offer something different when it comes to footwear choice with a wide selection of brands on offer. With existing stores in Norwich and Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge will be the fourth store and the largest of the 4 at 2000sqft.

    "Cambridge has always been on the wish list, it was a matter of finding the right location for us." Says former Olympian and Company Director Mike Tagg.

    Refocusing the business and concentrating on comfortable footwear, offered with outstanding customer service. The independent has grown from strength to strength in difficult retail times. Reporting to have had their best year in over 10 years as a business.

    The new Cambridge store even benefits from the original store manager, who ran the first Cambridge store over 20 years ago. Some of the regular customers have been pleasantly surprised and pleased with his return.

    "I'm thrilled to be back in Cambridge, the collection looks fantastic and I hope we can do the business here!" Neil Tagg Cambridge store manager.

    The Cambridge store may be the first in a line of new stores for the business.
    "We are not ruling out opening more stores, if the location and time is right for us, we would certainly consider it." Mike Tagg 


  • Why Wearing The Best Shoes Can Boost Your Confidence and Willpower

    When you look in the mirror and know you look good, it makes the world of difference to your confidence and overall well-being. We all want to look our best no matter where we are and when we do, we find that we are glowing from the inside out. Clothes can either make you feel fearless or fearful and it’s about how you wear them and what you wear that makes all the difference. The real appeal of great fashion is that it can empower you to hold up head up high and face the world and any challenges you may face.  When it comes to shoes they say an awful lot about you and a bright bold colour or feminine style can really elevate your mood and aura. Shoes of course are primarily functional, and ultimately serve to protect our feet from uncomfortable surfaces, harsh elements and bad weather. However as time has passed shoes are now about more than practicality. The evolution of the shoe has coincided with the transformation of fashion over time, and you can now choose shoes which closely match with your own individuality and uniqueness. In this article we will look at the positive impact of wearing a great pair of shoes and how certain shoes – specifically Ruby Shoo shoes can elevate your style status.

    Investing In A Great Pair Of Shoes
    Buying shoes should be about making a good investment and buying something which is not only fashionable- but that will last. You shouldn’t be afraid to spend some money on a great pair of shoes. Of course it is easier to buy a pair of cheap shoes and keep replacing them, but in the long run you will be missing out on money you could have saved. A great pair of feminine shoes whether heels, courts, or flats are timeless and can see you go from season to season. Choosing to buy a wonderful pair of good quality shoes is something you’ll never regret. Not only is it a financially smart choice, but you’ll feel so much more confident knowing that your shoes are not only adorable, but something that will last a very long time.
    Invest In Your Shoes And They Will Invest In You

    When we choose to invest in our shoes we are saying: I am worth a good pair of shoes, I am investing in my look, my fashion and my identity. The truth is that if you invest in your shoes, your shoes will invest in you. If you love your shoes they will love you back and provide you years of great comfort and style!


    Ruby Shoo: A Fabulous Feminine Heel
    If you’re looking for a real confidence booster and need some adorably feminine footwear, Ruby Shoo should be your number one choice. With a range of styles, colours and heel sizes on offer, there’s bound to be something to make you feel as awesome as you are! Many of the heels available are demure and yet very chic and this means you can attend a range of functions and never look out of place. For a more casual style that will have you feeling your best every day you should check out the range of low heeled pumps on offer. A great choice would be the June low heeled pump at Ruby Shoo, which comes in a retro fabulous black and white striped pattern, and features red trim and bow detailing. If you’re interested in ramping things up and taking your style status to ultra-glamorous then you should check out the Sonia jewel courts, which will have you feeling you most confident if you’re out for a night on the town. These stunning shoes come in a silver colour and feature small grey roses with pearls on the front.

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