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  • New Beginnings

    Red Lion Street Norwich 

    Mr Shoes has deep rooted history in Norwich city. We started here in 1978 at19 Red Lion Street, a building which was once home to an underground basement venue where the likes of Jimmy Hendrix & David Bowie played! 

    19 Red Lion Street has recently undergone a makeover inside and out, over hauling the inside to create a comfortable and classy shopping experience for all. Designed to showcase our wonderful collection of shoes, boots and a few new surprises.

    As the original Mr Shoes location it felt only right to start here with our new range of kids shoes & accessories. Bringing in lots of new styles to attract a wider audience, we have something for everyone from Vans beanies, bags and socks to kids Birkenstock wellington boots and a gorgeous range of Ruby Shoo and Marco Tozzi handbags as well as Caterpillar socks and hats perfect for the winter weather.

    Our trusty range of Skechers, Vans and Reiker shoes are still available in store along with some newer additions like slippers, kids toys and games and even our new range of Kickers, which are making a comeback!

    Stop by and see the exciting new makeover and fantastic and vibrant selection of shoes, toys and accessories we have available.



    As we enter a new decade, classical styles are making a comeback but with modernised twists.  It’s the return of platforms, Mary-Janes and classic loafers but not as you remember them.

    Spring 2020 catwalks featured bold animal prints and colourful timeless designs brought into the 21st century with clever detailing and styling. Square toes, strappy sandals and re-vamped pumps graced many a fashion show during the opening months of the year.
    With the start of a new decade it’s time to ‘spring clean’ your wardrobe and indulge in this year’s top styles

    Animal Prints- Unleash your inner animal this spring/summer. Whether it’s faux print or real fur, step into spring in total style. If it’s comfort you are seeking look no further than our Marco Tozzi SS20 collection. With built in anti-shock to make all your journeys comfortable and supported, our Tozzi pumps are stylish and affordable.


    Square toes- You thought they were gone, but they are back and better than ever!  Not complete without a chunky heel or chain detail, square toes give an edge to any look.

    Block colours- Be a head turner in stunning block colours, bright enough to lift any mood. They look great as a contrast to an outfit or can be casually styled for a simplistic look.

    Strappy sandals- Elegant, dainty and perfect for the sunshine, strappy sandals add class to any outfit. Accentuate your heels with detailing or simply wear them plain and enjoy the breeze between your toes!

  • D'liteful D'lites

    2019 is the year for chunky shoes and trainers, the chunkier the better. That's the rule when it comes to footwear.

    Benefits of wearing the latest trend is that, not only do they look great and update any outfit or plain white t-shirt instantly but they are comfortable and supportive for our feet too.

    Leading the way in the chunky trainers category are luxury fashion labels Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and Gucci. On the high street the Caterpillar Re-powered collection is really causing a stir on Instagram, with many of the top bloggers declaring their love for the trainers. The other brand to watch is Skechers, Reinventing and reviving the Skechers D'lites in a colour way to suit all.

    The trend started with chunky black shoes and trainers but now the colour pallets are endless and the choice is superb. If you're unsure how to wear the trend take a look at some of our favourite bloggers Instagram looks.

    The chunky shoe trend is for everyone, give it a try. Take a look at our collection of chunky shoes and trainers today.



    It’s fair to say that people dress rather differently now than they did back in the 1930’s when they were invested. First created by Paul A. Sperry for high society yacht dwellers, the boat shoe has since morphed into a more diversified footwear. It’s not just boat owners who can wear the shoes, but any one any where at any time. Nowadays, you see boat shoes during all seasons and worn by all genders. As fashion trends come and go, boat shoes have retained their unique design and have stayed relevant to many fashion trends. Below are just a few of the ways you can wear them today.

    boat shoes

    What are boat shoes?

    Boat shoes were created by designer Paul A. Sperry after witnessing his dog’s ability to walk on ice without slipping. Using similar patterns on the soles of the boat shoe, he created “Sperry’s top-siders” which were marketed as practical yet stylish shoes to wear when on a boat. The durable sole meant that they were wearable in wet conditions, whilst their leather top kept them durable and flexible for active duty. Over the years, the boat shoe became fashionable, especially in the 80’s and 90’s, and establishing connotations with preppy style in the 2010’s.

    Boat shoes are usually rubber soled with a leather top, bringing laced side holes for shoe sturdiness alongside oily finishes to repel water. These shoes have become instantly recognisable, whether they be associated with Sperry or Mustang shoes.

    Summer wear

    Summer styled boat shoes are one of the most popular and all-round recognised styles. With boat shoes often worn with a bare foot, they are suited perfectly to the summer. Consider that good weather is usually preferred for sailing, and you have the boat shoes natural habitat. For summer style, try wearing a boat shoe with shorts, a sailor styled or striped T Shirt. This get up is suited far better to boat shoes which are a little more rugged or worn.

    Formal wear

    Unlike the summer styled boat shoe, a more pristine leather is preferred for suit wear. Whilst suits are generally worn with socks under the shoes, a bare footed or ankle sock, paired with an above the ankle trouser hem and slick styled boat shoe can work wonders for a unique and individual suit. Whether swearing it to work or to an event, the boat shoe, when worn well, will suit your formal occasion perfectly. Make sure that you wear a boat shoe colour which compliments that of your suit, otherwise you’ll be looking at a combo which draws the eye a little too much, and for the wrong reasons.

    boat shoes

    Smart casual

    Many people wouldn’t consider wearing boat shoes with jeans but paired with rolled up or tapered pairs could really give your smart casual style an edge. Pair it with a rustic shirt for that folk tinged style, and if you’re going to wear socks with your boat shoe, again make sure that the colours schemes compliment each other.

  • Rucksacks...Making Life A Little Easier

    From our first day at school, a rucksack can be our best friend. Keeping all your possessions safe and in one place. Way before we are interested in the style or branding of a rucksack, we appreciate the purpose of one.


    Moving onto later years and the rucksack becomes one of 'the' most important purchases on the school uniform list. Which brand? Colour? Style?

    Rucksacks, are certainly not just a school uniform item. A good quality rucksack can last us, years. Travelling around the country or world with us. Holding some of our most special memories, and possessions. Along with all the everyday necessities too.

    Gym kits, laptops, babies nappies and wipes, flat shoes, change of outfit the list goes on and on. There is a time for a rucksack in everyones life.

    We have just had the latest delivery of Vans rucksacks, THE brand when it comes to rucksacks. New colours update the classic.

    These are just some of our favourites. Start your story with a new one today.


  • Always Vans


    Vans shoes have always been my go to shoe. Easy, effortless and comfortable, you can't ask for more. Vans with socks and bare legs, dresses, jeans...almost anything goes with a pair.

    Now spring has finally arrived, it's time for Vans to shine. Pastels, platforms and prints make the collection for 2019.

    With junior prices starting from just £34.99, they are completely affordable too.

    The new Vans Ward platform in the iconic black and white screams "SOLD OUT!" Just enough of the platform white sole to transform the original, giving a completely fresh look. Chunky shoes and platforms are the soles to be seen in for 2019. The chunkier the better!

    Take a look at the latest arrivals now





    Though we wear them for confidence and glamour, they can be very uncomfortable to wear for longer periods of time. We want to make a lasting impression, and more often than not, the lasting impression is the pain on the arch of our feet. The high heel can be a major hurdle for the uninitiated, who might find themselves unbalanced and ungraceful in shoes which are supposed to make you feel the opposite. Luckily there are some tips and tricks for getting sued to heels, and some endurance techniques for those longer nights out. Whether Gucci or Ruby Shoos, heels should be for all, not just for the hard toed.

    high heels

    Why do high heels hurt?

    The initial stress on the arch of your foot means that your muscles are forced into a position they are not used. Like with anything, working muscles which are not used to activity will lead to initial pain. As with other shoes, when you first wear them, rubbing can also arise, leading to blisters and other problems.

    Blister packs and cushioning

    Whether you opt for compeeds or standard plasters, blister packs and extra foot cushioning can really help with the initial pain of high heels. However, keep in mind that allowing your feet through the “baptism of fire” will ensure that afterwards, your feet should get used to the pain. Compeeds are a great option, their lotion soothing the wound whilst also protecting it from the outside world. These applications act as a second layer of skin and incubate the wound until it is heeled.

    Try some foot exercises

    It might not be that your feet are getting used to wearing high heels. The problem might lie in that your feet are in fact anatomically opposed to them. Instead, it’s a good idea to practice foot arching exercises and stretching your muscles. This will loosen them up and in time help your muscles to get used to wearing high heels. One helpful exercise is to stand a few feet away from a wall and stretch out your leg. With the heel still on the floor, stretch your foot on the wall and hold for thirty seconds before releasing. After releasing, repeat up to five times with each foot.

    platform heels

    Try platforms

    Platforms and thicker heels will help you to spread the weight on your footy and will give you more stable support. Platform heels mean that less weight is put on your heel and spread comfortably across the foot.

    Flat feet and high heels

    Flat feet are not suited to high heels, the lack of a foot arch making it painful to walk on the heel. Fear not flat footers, wedges can help to alleviate the pain high heels bring. This works through their spreading of the weight, rather than focusing the stress on the arch.

    Practice makes perfect

    Like with many hard-won talents in life, practice makes perfect. Try your heels out at home, get used to their shape, their feel and the way they walk in you.


    With such a history behind them, it’s no wonder that they have become one of the most popular boot styles for all ages and genders. These boots date back to the Victorian era, when they were worn by both men and women, and were brought back into fashion during the 1960’s. Since then, they have retained their iconic status, in part because of the flexibility of styles that can be worn with them.

    The Chelsea Boot is typically ankle high and slip on, usually made from leather or suede, and has an elasticated side for ease of use. The Chelsea Boot comes in a variety of colours and benefits from a raised heel. It’s pointed toe exudes classiness and slim fitting style, the boot itself urging the wearer to pull focus towards it. Unlike more casual shoes, the Chelsea Boot is a statement in and of itself, and by that logic should be worn boldly and proudly.


    So, what can a Chelsea Boot do for our own style, and what are the best clothes to go with it? Whether Mustang or Marco Tozzi shoes, here are some tips to style your Chelsea Boots.


    Suede Chelsea Boots are on the more casual side of the Chelsea Boot scale. Often called desert boots, these are usually a shade of brown or beige and can be worn with suits as well as with jeans. These boots are not as sturdy as leather, and can stain easier, but are often cheaper due to the ease of manufacture with suede.


    The best-known Chelsea boot is the leather variation. These practical, sturdy and free of frills fashion statements look great in a wide range of styles. The sleek leather makes these boots streamlined and easy to wear, whatever you’re dressed in.


    Lace Up

    Lesser spotted in the everyday world of the Chelsea Boot, there is a fine line between the boot in question and regular lace up boots. The key signifier that these casual lace up boots are in fact dressed down Chelsea’s, is that they have the same shape and ankle high length.


    These boots share similarities with the leather variations, but are have added embellishments, adding allure and class to the no fuss classic. These boots are often worn in more formal settings, such as work do’s or black-tie events.

    Jeans and the Chelsea boot

    There’s a knack to pulling off your Chelsea boot with jeans on. Whatever colour jeans your wearing, the best styles are skinny, and often tapered end jeans. The reason for this that they accentuate the legs and pull focus to the foot, ensuring that the boot is not hidden away. On top of this, rolled up or hemmed jeans give you more boot on show, which is what the Chelsea craves.

    Men’s suits

    Again, when wearing a suit, hemmed or ankle high trousers are best. With navy suits, black, grey or tan boots go best, and the softer suit colour makes for better casual suede boots. A darker suit looks great with black boots, maybe going brogue for extra flourishes, whilst the grey suit is flexible to tan or black coloured shoes. Always remember to hem your trousers above the boot, and go for a slimmer leg.


    Espadrilles are one of the most iconic footwear imports from Spain and are well known for their unique roped sole and light canvas body. These shoes have been consistently popular throughout the years, having first become popular back in the late 40’s, before being cemented in the fashion world through Yves Saint Laurent’s 1970 footwear collection. Since then they have become some of the most popular summer shoes and can be found in almost every home in Europe. With so many different styles of espadrille now available, it’s no surprise that it can be difficult to know which style suits what kind of outfit. Below are some of our best style tips for wearing your espadrilles, spanning causal, formal, men and womens wear.


    What style espadrille suits your fashion sense?

    We’ll be exploring the various possibilities for Espadrilles through the different style shoe you can find. Whether you’re going for a modern espadrille spin from Mustang shoes or you’re buying some classic Spanish market bought espadrilles, we have the style tips to keep your summer cool in more ways than one.

    Classic espadrilles

    Classic Espadrilles go back centuries. These canvas top slip on shoes have been traditionally worn since the 14th century and are still popular today. These rope built, or “esparto” soled shoes look great with a pair of shorts and classic summer gear.

    Flat form espadrilles

    Flat form espadrilles are often laced up and cross the boundaries of espadrille and trainer. Often leading up to the ankle for a little more support, these shoes still retain the canvas top but use a sturdier material than the traditional pairs. These shoes go perfectly with jeans, especially women’s skinny jeans and a T Shirt, making them great for days out in hot weather.

    High heeled espadrilles

    Attending a summer barbeque? Or maybe you’re going to a smart casual cocktail party on a hot summer evening? High heeled espadrilles bring more support to the sole and look great with summer dresses. These slip-on shoes are the perfect balance of smart and casual, making them perfect for warm summer evenings and outdoor summer soirees. These shoes often incorporate wedged soles into their high heels, making them even more alluring.


    Espadrille pumps

    These shoes are slightly sturdier than the traditional espadrille due to their reinforced sole and tighter canvas top. If you are looking for a great way to meld espadrille fashion with a longer day out, then the espadrille pump is perfect for you. Perfect with a maxi dress or skirt, the espadrille pump is summer elegance and practicality all in one.

    Espadrille sandals

    Pairing down the classic espadrille will leave you with the comfortable espadrille sandal. These beauties go great with swimwear and for beach days, alongside letting your feet free for that perfect summer holiday feeling. These espadrilles are definitely have the biggest summer feel, paired with a flowing dress or a cute pair of shorts, they’ll no doubt make your holiday.


    Much like wearing sandals in the middle of winter, sturdy boots are not a great choice for the summer and spring seasons. Whilst we might invest in the best boots from winter catalogues, such as the all-round trend stomping Rieker men’s boots, you won’t be wearing them through hot weather, lest you want to aggravate some unnecessary foot odour! Whilst it’s sensible to have footwear for every season, you’ll find that the off-season footwear will have to be stored away for longer periods of time. When you invest in boots, you run the risk of untended leather or fabric diminishing in quality or sheen, especially if not stored properly. To keep your winter boots in good condition when they’re not being used, we’ve compiled some of the best tips for their long-term storage.


    The best way to store your boots

    Storing your boots is easy once you know the best way to place them. If it is on a shoe rack, then storing upright will ensure that they do not lose their shape. If they are being stored in a bin or high container or are stacked one atop the the other, then place the heaviest at the bottom followed sequentially by the lighter boots.

    Scrub before you store

    Before storing however, there are a few things you can do to prep for you boots reverse hibernation. One tip is to scrub them of any grit or dirt before they are stored away. This will mean there will be less work for you to do when you need them again.  Salt stains can be removed with a brush or toothbrush and a vinegar-water solution. After removing the salt stains, you can use a leather cleaner to get rid of the softer stains.

    Condition after cleaning

    Treat your boots like your hair, condition after washing to retain that soft fresh feel. There are a wide range of leather care ointments and creams out there which will help your boots to keep their new buy sheen. There are many to choose from, and all will ensure that your leather is kept in prime condition.


    Repair after wear

    Before you store your boots away for a few months, maybe it’s a good idea to repair them before they are placed out of site and out of mind. If after months of storage, you pick up your boots and find that loose sole you’d forgotten about in April, you’d be much more likely just to buy a new pair. Save your money and repair your shoes before you store them away, keeping you prepared for a few months ahead.

    Stuff before storing

    To maintain your boots shape, place some tissue inside so that they can be kept in good condition. This will ensure that they will still fit when you pick them up again in a few months’ time.

    Shoe Spray

    Spraying your shoes before you start wearing them again will mean that they are kept fresh during their months of storage. Believe me, you’ll be thankful when you wear them again in the winter!

  • New Brand Padders

    Wonderful Wide Fitting Shoes

    We are extremely happy to share the news that we have a new brand instore and online. Padders, offering a collection of wide fitting and most importantly comfortable shoes and slippers for both men and women.

    Padders shoes and slippers are renowned for their comfort and quality. The buttersoft leather uppers mould to the foot and the wide fitting options are a key factor to comfort experienced in a pair.

    Padders have been creating wide fitting footwear since 1914, making them one of the longest UK suppliers of premium footwear.

    Take a look at the collection, try a pair of padders. You certainly won't regret it.

    Here are some of our favourites

    Padders Repose Slippers £29.99
    Padders Repose Slippers £29.99
    Padders Simone Shoes £69.99
    Padders Lyric Mary Janes £54.99
    Padders Berkeley Brogues £69.99
    Padders Berkeley Brogues £69.99
    Padders Regan Boots £84.99


  • Knee High Boots

    An instant classic, Knee High Boots are the perfect winter wardrobe staple. Here is our guide to some quirky and casual styles great for work and every day use.

    Great for work or casual use these black boots can be dressed up or down for a shoe that pairs well with skirts and skinny jeans.
    In a cute purple tone these boots add a nice pop of colour to any wardrobe. With a wedge heel they go well with both skirts and jeans.
    Fleece lined and classic these warm boots are a fantastic winter wardrobe staple. With traditional laces for a comfortable fit they also feature a side zip for ease of use.
    These heeled boots pair fantastically with skirts and dresses for a cute casual look.
    In a beautiful navy colour these boots are a great addition to any shoe collection, with a streamline shape that will never go out of style. With a stretch leg for a secure and comfortable fit they pair well with skirts for a look you'll want to wear over and over.
  • Winter Warmers

    As the weather is getting colder we take a look at some fleece lined boots to help keep your feet toasty this winter. From lace up ankle boots to knee high zip up boots and everything in between we have a variety of styles for you to choose from.

    Boots for Her:


  • Two Pairs for Forty

    Here are some of our favourite picks from our brilliant two for forty pounds offer.


    Leather Casual Slip On Pumps Pewter

    Office Velcro Bar Elastic Back Casual Green

    Leather Tassel Loafers Pink

    Leather Tassel Loafers Pink

    Leather Tassel Loafers Gold

    Leather Tassel Loafers Gold


    Leather Casual Slip On Pumps Navy

    Leather Suede Penny Loafers NAVY

    Leather Suede Penny Loafers Navy


  • New In: Fly London Boots

    On the search for stylish leather boots? Look no further as Fly London provide unique and cute styles from ankle boots to mid calf and knee high boots. Quirky and unique with comfortable wide fitting shapes one of our favourite pairs are the FLY MONG944FLY LEATHER LOW WEDGE ANKLE BOOTS GREEN  which are also available in tan and black.

    All styles include zips for ease of use as well as a secure and comfortable fit, with classic low wedge heels for a look that will never go out of fashion. Pair with skirts or jeans for a look that can be dressed up or down.


    These gorgeous calf high boots look fabulous with midi skirts for a cute yet casual look. Also available in brown, black, grey, tan and green; there's a colour to suit any wardrobe in a style that is timeless.


    Knee high boots are always an instant classic and these are no exception. Wear with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt for a look you'll want to wear over and over again.


    Quirky and cute these wedge boots are the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe. With buckle detailing for a comfortable fit they are good for every day use.

    With so many classic styles to choose from there's sure to be a pair that is perfect for you.




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