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  • Tips For Dressing For Success

    Dressing down and dressing up both have their pros and cons. Which approach is best for which situation?

    How to dress for success can be thought to be more intuitive than instructional, the secret being in your own projection of what you want from your clothes. Most of the time you’ll be dressing not for others but for your own sense of self worth. The outward projection of clothes doesn’t often match the confidence which it instills in the wearer. With this in mind dressing for success is in the eye of the wearer, rather than that of the beholder. So what should you keep in mind when trying to dress as the best person you can be. Whether you’re wearing womens leather boots or any other types of womens shoes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy these outfits are to nail.

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  • Everything You Need To Know About Chukka Boots

    One of the best boot choices for men, Chukka boots have been around for a surprisingly long time.

    If you’re looking for a new boot style to try out, then the chukka boot may be the one for you. This beautiful boot has been sold for decades now, and has a pretty interesting to it. Walking down the street, you’ll be able to see just how wide reaching the Chukka boots influence has come since its inception. Wherever you go, you’ll no doubt cross paths with a trendy chukka boot wearing man, or woman, for that matter. The style has reached beyond the boot itself and into new realms of shoe design innovation. Below you can find everything you’ll need to know about the Chukka Boot and the styles that come with it.

    What is a chukka boot?

    These ankle high leather bor suede boots are made from a rubber sole and three pairs of eyelets. Eyelets, for those who don’t know, are the holes in which the laces are looped through. These three rows of eyelets make the chukka boot easy to slip on and tie up with less hassle than the average boot. The chukka boot also has a rounded toe and two parts to the uppers. These shoes were originally made from calfskin, or suede, when leather was not available. These durable materials made them great for both smart and smart casual wear and also for a wide variety of terrains.

    Where did the chukka boot come from?

    Far from its now wide reaching and smart casual use, the chukka boot was originally created for the use of British soldiers in the desert campaign of World War 2. These boots were originally made in leather and were useful due to their easy slip on qualities and ankle length, stopping sand from getting into the boots too easily. Their flexibility meant that they were easy to wear on long marches across the desert terrain, alongside being lightweight enough to not add too much heat to the body, especially because of their light rubber soles. The original ankle boot, says historian June Swann, was open laced and unlined, alongside a leather sole. Whilst desert boots, a similar design, are a type of chukka boot, not all chukka boots are desert boots. The difference in the latter is that the desert boot has a spongy rubber sole, whilst other types of chukka boot don’t necessarily have this.

    What types are there?

    Like with all chukka boots, there are a wide range to choose from. From the classic military style with rubber soles to the more smart-casual suede variations, there are a whole range of chukka boots to choose from.

    Hush Puppies for instance are a well known company form the USA who focus on customer satisfaction and comfort in all their wares. One of their most popular boots is the barricane boot, a brown chukka which is both sturdy and stylish. The boot comes with extra cushioning on the sides, giving your ankles full support for both casual and active usage.

    The Grenson is one of the most popular mens chukka boots, the sleek design and suede give this finely stitched boot a classy look, looking especially great with a suit.

    Mr shoes are a great supplier of mens chukka boots. With their great value selection you can find the best of the rest at this amazing online shoe retailer. The fact of the matter is that there’s so much choice out there when it comes to chukka boots, so finding a retailer who filters through it all to find you the best is a definite help.

    What can I wear my Chukka boots with?

    Chukka boots have come far since their military days. No longer do the army wear these magnificent botos, but civilians as well. The fact is, you can see them everywhere, from the art student to the banker and the reason for this is just how flexible they are to different styles.


    Wearing your chukka boots with a suit is a great idea. These shoes fit in like any other formal boot, and the range on display will allow you to not only look your best but exceed expectations also. Try wearing your chukka boots with a suit by tying your laces up first off, then pulling up your trousers to graze your ankles. This is the optimum length with which to show off your boots.


    Chukka boots can be worn casually and what’s more go with jeans like nothing else. This style is great with either a shirt or a t shirt. With a casual get up, the chukka boot world is your oyster. For the casual chukka look, make sure that your shoe colour matches the rest of your get up, otherwise you may stick out like a sore thumb, or toe for that matter.

  • What To Wear With Summer Shoes

    Summer might be a few months away, but it’s a good idea to start thinking about getting ahead of the summer shoe rat race.

    Although it may be early in the year, this is a better time than ever to start thinking ahead. The best thing about buying summer shoes in the winter is that there are plenty of online and in store sales at many shoe stores across the country, especially when they’re off season.  With the summer, your options are limitless when it comes to outfit combos to embrace the sunshine. Below you can find a range of shoes and the summer outfit options which could go with them.

    Boat Shoes

    Ahoy there! Boat shoes, or deck shoes as they are often called, are one of the most popular shoes to wear whilst sailing due to their sturdiness and the amount of grip on a wet deck. Usually made from leather or canvas, the oil it is lacquered with is highly resistant to water. The durable stitching also means that they are wearable in active situations. Often worn without socks, they are the perfect shoe for a summer stroll or beachside walk. Created in the mid 1930’s, the boat shoe found its root in strictly technical wear but found a more casual audience in the 1970s. people often wear boat shoes with rolled up trousers for that casual waterside look, or with shorts. With their air of formality and the fact they are deemed applicable as uniform in many schools, boat shoes look perfect with a pair of shorts and a loose-fitting shirt. Perfect summer wear that, even if you don’t own a boat, will have you sailing in no time at all.


    Trainers and sneakers, whether for athletic or streetwear purposes are one of the easiest shoes to wear in the summer. Perfect with shorts, trousers, shirts and gym wear, the perfect trainers are flexible to the situation you find yourself in. The summer trainer should be lightweight and airy, giving your feet room to breather. With popular brands going cheap, you’ll be able to find pairs of trainers which will serve as both fashionable and athletic.


    Mens loafers are on the more formal side of the shoe spectrum. You wouldn’t wear a pair of loafers during a trip to the beach (unless your other shoes got wet!) but can still find a range of lightweight and summer-friendly loafer types for the mid-year months. Two of the most popular loafers are the penny loafer and the tassel loafer. The tassel loafer is known for its frills at the front, originating in the mid 20th century due to the popularity of tasselled laces on some oxford shoes. The penny loafer is made with a buckle shape on the front, moving away from the embellishments of the tasselled variety. The loafer may not be the most casual shoe, but it can certainly stretch to smart casual attire with light suit trousers and a shirt.


    Another very casual slip on which originates from Spain, the Espadrille is a great holiday variety of men’s fashion shoes. The espadrille is made from canvas or cotton alongside a sole of esparto rope, giving the shoe its name and distinguishing this shoe from other slip-ons. The espadrille can be worn with shorts, trousers and casual wear. Make sure that you’re not planning on getting too athletic or treading tricky terrain whilst wearing them, the espadrille is not known for being sturdy! That being said, they are extremely reliable shoes and definitely worth investing in, especially because they often cost next to nothing!


    Sandals have changed in their appearance over the years and are now known to have many hybrid types. The best sandal is the go to for summer wear due to its open foot breathability and sturdiness. Brands like Birkenstocks are made from a cork sole which gives an added durability and comfort for the foot, the straps often being rather painful if you don’t buy the correct size. Sandals are best worn with shorts, dresses or rolled up jeans. One fashion faux pas which is often talked about and cringed at is the socks and sandals combo, best one to avoid unless you’re looking for a good laugh. With so many variations, sandals are easy to find and wide ranging in style. Always keep in mind that they do not give your feet as much protection as other shoes do, so pre-empt the


    One of the most popular women and men’s smart shoes on the market today, brogues come with a distinct pattern on the front, as well as sturdy heels which make them great for work and smart casual attire. Especially in the summer they’re perfect, due to their thinness and sleekness, looking great in the sunshine.

  • What Shoes Can You Wear With Jeans?

    On the surface, this is a simple question. When you dig deeper, the answers stretch further than your favourite pair of skinnies.

    Whether male or female, jeans are a staple of almost everyone’s wardrobe. Whatever size, style or colour you go for, jeans are seen in every household across the world. there’s ample reason for this; their durability, style and all-round comfort makes them the most worn trouser in the world. It also helps that the material is so easy to make in a factory, meaning that they are sold for the cheap yet still great quality. When wearing jeans then, it is easy to see how all people could look like clone. One way you can bypass looking like everyone else, is to find your own personal style to pair them with. Whilst tops and jackets are for another blog, this one is about what shoe options there are for the jean wearing man or woman.

    Formal shoes with jeans

    So, I know what you’re thinking, and yes, not often would you wear jeans to a formal event. Surprisingly enough, there are a range of options when it comes to subtle black jeans which could look great with any suited get up. With women’s ankle boots looking great with a pair of black skinnies, and men’s oxfords and brogues fitting perfectly with a suit trouser alternative, there are still plenty of ways that you can look fashionable and smart in jeans and smart shoes.

    Going Smart Casual?

    These days, most work places are smart casual. Unless you work in a bank, suits are usually optional, and finding that smart shirt and jumper and jeans combo is easier than ever. One addition which might complicate matters is what shoes to wear. Whilst women’s knee high boots might not be the best combination when going smart casual in jeans, you can find brogues a plenty alongside a range of oxford shoes and loafers for men. Some of the more neutral coloured and simply designed trainers and sneakers could go well in a smart casual outfit. Whatever your smart casual jeans choice, a pair of black jeans and trainers can never go wrong if you’re trying to dress snappy but subtle.

    Casual looks

    This year sneakers are back in fashion with the smart and smart causal trouser looks, but here, the style of jeans is up to you. Whatever trainer brand you’re into, there’ll be something to suit you. this is where you can get the most creative, the barriers open for you to express your personality through your shoes in whatever way you like. Casual means being yourself, no restrictions on style pairings, and whether you prefer creepers or sneakers, multi coloured or neutral tones, the casual shoe will give you more than enough to explore and push the boat out.

    What shoes look best with skinny jeans?

    The question isn’t what will look best with the jeans, but instead, the size of your feet. For those with stockier legs and smaller feet, your proportions won’t stand out as much with a pair of white or brown shoes, which draw more attention to your feet. Those with skinnier legs and bigger feet may want to steer clear of white trainers and bulkier shoes with their skinnier jeans. Complementing colours are key here, for all shapes and sizes.

    What shoes to wear with black jeans

    The dark tones of black jeans don’t fit well with brown shoes or pastel colours. White is fine, as are more subtle colours like dark blue. At the end of the day though, it’s down to personal preference and whether you’re dressing casually or smart.

  • All You Need To Know About Timberland Boots

    Timberland boots are some of the most popular types of boots out there today. One of the great things about these sturdy work shoes is that they are so distinct and recognisable, having over the years risen from the world of practical workwear into a style choice like no other. With millions of people across the globe owning a pair of timberland boots or shoes, it’s easy to see how the style has impressed upon generation after generation, shifting to meet the requirements of each individual taste. So, what makes a timberland boot so distinctive and why are they so popular?

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  • Must Have Shoes For Men

    There’s a wide world of men’s shoes out there. However, knowing what suits you can be tricky.

    Whether you’re dressing to impress or just need some flexible trainers, there’s plenty to keep your interest in the wide world of men’s shoes. It can often be the case that you opt for practicality over style, comfort over coolness and look for something reliable. The truth is that you can have both; many men’s shoes on the market today are a remarkable hybrid of the best in fashion and the sturdiest shoes out there, accentuating colours and outfit choices, whilst also retaining a personality of their own. Whatever the situation, Mr Shoes have you covered. But just what are the different shoe species out there which you can choose from?


    With roots in Scotland and Ireland, the first brogue was created out of leather and hide as an outdoor walking shoe. Whilst the rustic beginnings have led to more metropolitan attire, the brogue is a low heeled formal shoe with several pieces to it, embellished with decorative patterns on the toe cap. These shoes are popular for men looking for a smart work shoe as well as something more laid back and smart-casual. This makes the shoe a perfect choice for anyone looking for the best of both worlds, and the style has seen itself transcend to the world of women’s footwear, dress shoes and even trainers.

    Derby Shoes

    Heralding from North America and the UK, the Derby shoe is a boot with an open laced effect, the eyelets sewed onto, rather than into the top. Originally used as a sport and hunting boot in the mid-19th century, the Derby shoe has gone on to become a shoe style commonly worn in work environments. This is partly because of its sturdiness and subtlety, moving away from the decorative style of the brogue to plain leather, a style which makes it an easy style match for smart casual and formal wear.

    Monk straps

    The Monk Strap shoe is a must for anyone with a smart shoe to replace the lace. Fastened with a buckle and strap, this unique design is known for being one of the most stylish and unique dress shoes out there. Often coming with a brogued front the monk shoe is a beautiful dress shoe which suits all smart casual styles. It has also maintained a certain edginess over the years and has reached beyond men’s formal shoes labelling and into a style of its own. Its style has also been borrowed in women’s footwear, many designs catering to female tastes, much like the famous Dr Martens brand does.

    Chelsea Boots

    These slip-on boots have been made famous by the Dr Martens brand and have slid from a smart shoe into more everyday casual wear. Whilst they can still be worn with a suit, these slip-on boots can be worn with jeans and other more casual trousers. With a range of options to choose from to wear them with, these sleek slips on boots give your foot support and protection in any situation. They are also sturdy, coming in a range of materials including suede and leather, with an elasticated side for ease of putting on.


    Loafers are known for their versatility. Their neutral colours mean that you can wear them with almost anything, whether that be worn as men’s smart shoes or casual. The loafer is thought to have originate din Northern Europe, both the UK and Denmark claiming the shoe for their own in the 20’s. Penny Loafer’s were one of the most popular designs, coming from GH Bass & Co in the 1930’s, bringing the original design of the versions seen today.


    The go to for men’s casual shoes, the number of brands out there are never ending. With trainers originating from the 18th century when the first plimsole was created for athletic use, trainers have grown and become ever more creative. Seen in the women’s version as the height of fashion, seen across the fashion weeks of last year, trainers are back in style. And arguably they never left, with many versions still being created year after year, the trainer has made famous brands like Nike, Reebok, Adidas and Fila. Coming in many shapes and sizes, leather, suede and canvas have all had their times to shine in the trainer industry.

    Running shoes

    These shoes are the more athletic variation of the trainer. Whilst the trainer is worn in both active and casual situations, running shoes are used less in fashion and more for the practicality of their cushioned soles and spring of step. They are often made with breathable material, keeping lightweight so you can keep fast on your feet. Running shoes also have more grip on the bottom of the sole than the regular shoe, helping you maintain traction on a jog or when engaging in sports.


  • Handy Tips For Styling White Shoes

    White shoes can be a little tricky. Here’s what you need to know.


    White shoes are always a difficult style to pull off. Whether it’s the worry of muddying the colour, getting the colour combination just that little bit off, or having your shoes stand out a little too much, there’s always some worries when it comes to white shoes. So why do people carry on buying them if it can cause so much stress? The real reason here is that when you get them right, they can be absolutely breathtaking, elevating any outfit from the perfunctory to the dazzling. Whatever style your going for with your white shoes, when you get the balance, you’ll most certainly reap the rewards. Below are a few of the things you should keep in mind when investing in white shoes, whether they be mens loafers or some snazzy high heels and some of the style choices that are at your disposal.


    Cleaning white canvas

    White canvas can be a very difficult colour to clean. If you are to be spending time in an especially muddy environment, the white canvas trainer, as is often the fashion these days, is perhaps a bad choice of shoe to invest in for the terrain. The good news is, you can hand wash the stains off your canvas white shoes. With a bucket of warm water mixed with some washing up liquid, use a toothbrush to scrub the stains off your shoes. Make sure you scrub the shoes and then submerge them individually in the water bucket. Also, make sure you have stuffed your shoes with paper so as to help them retain their shape This may take a while, but the stains will definitely come out with enough rigourous cleaning.


    Cleaning white leather

    White leather, whether it be mens work shoes or woman’s pumps, are very easy to clean. Luckily for those who have invested in leather, the white shoes stains can clean off very easily indeed. Leather is made to be durable and resistant to stains, hence its popularity and heftier price tag. If you would like to wash the stains off your leather shoes, simply take a cloth which is damp with warm water and apply to the affected area. You can also use wet wipes due to their moisture and antibacterial properties.


    White suede 

    White suede shoes can be a little more tricky to wash. You can use a specifically designed suede brush to scrub off stains like you would for a scuff. A nail brush can be used to scrub away hardier stains, with the application of warm water you should see some results start to come through here. Grease on the other hand, is a little more difficult to clean up. If the grease or oil stain is still wet, you can try using cornstarch to get rid of the stain. The good thing about suede however, is that you can place the shoes in the washing machine on a cold setting, so long as you stuff them with paper to ensure their keeping shape.


    How to wear white trainers 

    White trainers are known for their sleek minimalism and simple style. The great thing about them is that they go with both formal and casual outfits, making them the perfect match for most outfits. For the casual outfit, try wearing them with chinos or lighter jeans for a more subtle look or, if you want them to stand out, you can try a pair of darker jeans so that the trainers become the centre of attention. Whilst bulkier trainers still look minimal, white trainers will make your feet look bigger, so if you have especially large ones, perhaps it’s best to stick with tennis shoes.


    How to wear white pumps

    White pumps and heels can really help you nail the rockabilly and summer look. They can be both casual and formal, giving you a plethora of options when it comes to your outfits. White pumps will always look great with a pair of blue or black jeans. Pair this with a killer top and you’ve got yourself a great outfit. A more formal dress, for parties or special occasions can also go well with a [air of white pumps. Wear with lighter colours for a subtler outfit, or wear with a darker shade to make your white pumps really stand out.


    How to wear white brogues

    White brogues and oxford shoes are a little more unique than your average brogue. Unlike your standard smart shoe, these should be reserved for special occasions beyond the office. The white work shoe gives off a snazzy vibe which is hard to pull of in anything but a party or special occasion environment. With a suit, the brogue or oxford shoe will look best if you let it take centre stage in your outfit.



  • Keeping Your Feet Tip Top In Flip Flops

    Get ready for the summer and invest in some flip flops. Heed these warnings though.

    Flip flops are the perfect shoe for beach trips. Being less expensive than your average sandal, and more protective than going barefoot, the flip flop is the perfect in between for those looking for the perfect footwear for a day on the beach. There are concerns and legitimate ones, relating to the support, activities and terrain in which you wear flip flops. Below are some of the points to keep in mind when investing in these foot freeing shoes.

    What problems can flip flops exacerbate?

    Flip flops give no support to the bottom of the foot and can lead to worsened bunions and blisters if worn too much. On top of this, flip flops can rub quite badly, leading to cuts in the top of the often-sensitive top of the foot.

    Don’t drive in flip flops

    There are a wide array of reasons why driving and flip flops are as unsuited together as reading whilst cycling. The problem with flip flops is that they can easily fall off your feet, leading to the potential of them becoming wedged under the pedal. Driving shoes should always be sturdy and reliable, and despite flip flops helping you to keep your feet safe whilst on the beach, they simply don’t cut it for a safe drive.

    What will you be doing?

    Before you decide to don your flip flops, think about the activities you’ll be engaging in whilst wearing them. If you’re going to be rock climbing, walking through areas that could hold sharp objects or playing any form of sport, then flip flops may not be the best option for the day. Whilst men and women’s flip flops are perfect for a stroll down the beach, they’re not exactly the choice shoe for a game of football.

    Splash out for quality

    This goes with all products; if you spend a little more money you’ll get better quality. With many flip flops, quality comes after value and whilst it may be tempting to invest in some cheap tourist flip flops, it can also lead to broken straps in just a few days.

    They’ll only last a few months

    Like with exercise trainers, it’ll take a little while to break in your flip flops. The problem is that after your feet get used to them, your flip flops will not take very long to start to wear down. Be aware of wear and tear, take care of your flip flops and when the inevitable happens, make sure you have another pair lined up.

    Look where you’re going!

    Your toes are exposed for all the world to see, and if you’re not careful, this could lead to a stubbed, cut or even broken toe. If you’re walking in the dark, in terrain with a lot of litter, or an area with the potential to lead to a trampled foot, then either wear another pair of shoes or step tentatively.


    Your feet are on display, so it’d be nice if you were proud of them. Pedicures may be pretty, but we’re not talking about makeovers for the sake of makeovers. We’re talking about keeping your feet moisturised and in good health so that no conditions are worsened by their being on show.

    Leather last longer

    If possible, avoid foam or rubber soles. Leather is more durable and will deflect any sharp objects underfoot. No one wants a shoe which can’t protect from a stray rusty nail. Leather or other durable materials are the best bet for flip flops and may toe less of a line between a grand day out and a trip to A and E.

  • Everything You Need To Know About Desert Boots

    Desert boots are back in fashion. Find everything you need to know about how to care for them and what to wear them with just below.

    Desert boots have been all the rage since their conception in the late thirties. Such an all encompassing shoe has sparked the fashion minds of men and women all over the world, and whether you’re going for a walk in the country or on your way to work, there’s endless possibilities for your desert boot style. That’s the beauty of them, they can be paired with almost any style and will find maximum satisfaction from its customers. So here’s what you need to know about these great shoes.

    What is a desert boot?

    A desert boot is an ankle height boot either made from leather or suede. The boot itself is known for its three eyelets for laces and sturdy sole, making it perfect for a range of terrains. The boot has a rubber sole and is round toed, giving it a smooth, rough and ready feel for whatever activity you are doing. These mens desert boots are made to last, and are also flxible to a range of different styles. The desert boot is also made from three parts on its top, stitched together with great effect.

    History of the desert boot

    The desert boot was first created in the early 1940’s by Nathan Clark from the shoe company which shares his last name. The desert boot was created during his time in the British Army during the Second World War’s desert campaign, when he tried to find a shoe which soldiers could use both in the terrain and off duty. The desert boot with its single lining and ankle high, sand resistant toughness, was a great option. When Clarks design was rejected by British investors, he took it to the USA and found that the beige suede which reflected its desert origins was the breath of fresh air shoe companies were looking for. This was especially true because most men’s shoes at the time were made from stiff leather, making desert boots the new innovation people were looking for.

    What can you wear a desert boot with? 

    Despite its military origins, the desert boot is known for its malleability in both formal and informal settings. There are plenty of outfit choices for you to choose from with the desert boot, these are just a few of them.


    The casual desert boot can take you from a standard t shirt and jeans to a rugged vintage look. Take the t shirt and trousers look, especially with beige shoes, and you have a great colour combo with either black or blue jeans. Chinos go well with the beige suede as well but in a more subtle way. With slimmer fitting jeans, you can go for the tuck in or the roll up. Another casual look for the desert boot is a more rugged style, perhaps an aviator jacket or other vintage coat which reflects the boots military origins. At the end of the day, the desert boot goes with almost any casual outfit. One thing that may look unusual with the desert boot is a pair of shorts; most smart casual shoes will not go down well with shorts, except, perhaps, boat shoes. Use a suede brush to scrub the stain as you would for a scuff. Then use a nail brush to scrub stubborn stains with warm water. Grease stains can be particularly difficult to remove from suede, and badly stained shoes may never look good again. Some recommend cornstarch for oil stains if the oil is still wet. 

    Smart casual

    For a smart casual desert boot look, you can try wearing a shirt which complements or contrasts your desert boot colour. With many being a subtle shade of brown, grey or beige, you can either wear a similar coloured shirt or go with a blue or black. With black jeans, as mentioned above you’ll definitely look the part with the desert boot, whilst suit trousers or chinos are also perfect with them.


    For the more formal occasion, make sure that you are wearing a contrasting suit colour to your desert boots. The beige colour luckily goes well with many others, and finding the right balance is key. On top of this, you can have your trouser leg reaching the ankle, to really show off your boot.

    Taking care of your desert boot

    Desert boots and mens chukka boots are by their very nature sturdy. If they do happen to get stained then leather is no problem at all to clean up. On top of this, suede boots can be cleaned with a brush, warm water and stain remover. Light scrubbing should do the trick after a little while.

  • How To Dress To Impress Without The Stress

    Dressing well can be easy, here’s some tips to help.

    Dressing well needn’t be a difficult process and needn’t be something which you should agonise over. Many spend years studying and analysing the current trends and fashions, but when it comes down to it, the process can be as instinctive and simple as eating food when hungry. Everyone has their own style, whether that be Skechers Shoes or high heels, the deliberation needn’t last too long. Below you can find some tips on how to make the most out of your favourite style, without having to break the bank or over analyse.

    Get Inspired

    First thing for you to do is to get in touch with just what floats your boat when it comes to dress-up. Check out and research celebrities whose dress senses you’re a fan of. It could be Greta Gerwig, or it could Dolly Parton, but whatever nit is make sure you stay to true to yourself. The next thing for you to do is to see what styles are being sold in shops now, and who your go to is for clothes. Doing your homework will mean that the rest flows naturally when it comes to picking your outfit.

    Know Your Size

    Size means everything. Buying too small or too large can lead to wastes of money, uncomfortable wearing, especially when it come to shoes such as women’s flats boots, which if too big or too small can amount to painful blisters. For this, know your various sizes. Whether that’s shoe size, waist, leg length colour or bust, knowing what fits you will be useful so you won’t be disappointed, or surprised with ill-fitting purchases. Those who enjoy wearing looser clothing, such as baggy t shirts or sweaters, will want to know their sizes so that they can buy a size larger, if it suits their style.

    Stock Up on Staples

    Everyone’s suffered that feeling; when you wake up in the morning and you’re in a rush, stuck in the middle between those new dungarees or dress you haven’t worn in a while. That’s why, when your mind goes blank on what to wear for the day, it’s a good idea to stock up on staples clothing items, giving you a go to when your brain just isn’t working. This will also help when you’re in a rush and need to get out quick in some trusty and durable signature outfits. Whether that’s the perfect pair of jeans, some trusty trainers or that just-right jumper, you’ll feel safe with staples, perfect for those days where you simply don’t want to push the style boat out.

    Know Your Trends

    Keeping on top of the fashion trends is as easy as browsing on the internet, in fact all it requires is for you to browse the internet. There are countless websites and companies posting blogs about what was seen at this year’s various fashion weeks, making it easier than ever to reflect your style on what’s being churned out by fashion companies across the globe.

    Smart Shoes, Casual Trainers

    If you’re not the kind of person who likes owning a lot of pairs of shoes, then it might be a good idea to invest just a few staple shoes. This might mean smart shoes and sandals or may mean you buy a pair of trainers and work shoes, keeping the balance between casual and formal. Some people may go for multipurpose shoes such as Doc Martens, who’s shoes are smart casual enough to be worn on a wide array of occasions.

    Dress for the Occasion

    Know what you’re dressing for, many people may find it difficult to decide and knowing the occasion will allow you the flexibility to dress accordingly. Finding the right clothes for the occasion needn’t be difficult and referring to your staples of clothing is the key here. Whether you’re going to a formal party or to the beach, plan ahead.

    Have a Clear Out

    Clearing the clutter is key. It’s true what they say, a tidy room leads to a tidy mind, and getting rid of the stuff you never wear anymore or have grown out of will help you to simplify your style choices. This will leave you with fewer choices, but better ones, adhering to the Japanese principal of minimalism.

    Finishing Touches

    Finally, is makeup, if any. This can be minimal, or you may want to go all out with foundation, eyeliner and the lot. Make sure that your makeup and jewellery is in keeping with your style choices. Keeping it subtle with your formal wear or going all out for the party animal in you. The key with all your style choices is to express yourself and be comfortable with who you are.

  • Keeping your sneakers spick and span: how to keep your white trainers looking new

    White sneakers are, to the minds of many people, the real kings of trainers. Classic, iconic and drop-dead cool, they’re the go-to footwear choice for when you want to blend a bit of sport-inspired dress-down glam with urban chic; that is, when you want to hit the concrete pavement with some cut and dash.

    And yet, unfortunately, that whole look and vibe is far less effective (arguably, not effective at all) unless your white trainers still look brand spanking new. Which is a bit of a problem because, as any regular sneakers-wearer knows, it’s next to impossible keeping white trainers – whether they’re a pair of Sketchers women’s or any other type – looking immaculate.

    Or is it? The reality is that all you need is a bit of know-how. So, whether you’re wanting to create an irresistible outfit by partnering your white Sketchers Go Walk with a pair of skinning jeans or leggings and a cool lightweight jacket, you can achieve exactly the look pulled off in so many of those aspirational images you’ve flicked through on Pinterest thanks to following some – or, indeed, all – of the following white-sneaker-specific care hacks…

    • White nail polish can work wonders – long gone are the days when nail polish was only ever fashionable in red and shades thereof; nowadays, painting your nails in every colour under the sun seems to be on-trend, so why not crack open that bottle of white nail polish to touch-up that tiny little scratch or smudge?


    • Spot-clean like a pro – don’t doubt it, ‘magic eraser’ sponges really can live up to their billing when it comes to spot-cleaning trainers; that said, relying instead on a cloth dipped in a little vinegar can suffice just as well (yes, that’s right, vinegar isn’t just useful for cooking and seasoning your fish and chips!)


    • No washing machines – you know how your little ones are frightened of their favourite teddies going in the washing machine when they may be in need of a bit of a spring clean (and for good reason, no doubt), well, so should you feel aghast about throwing your favourite pair of sneakers in with your delicates, so hand-wash only, please; just like Ted, your trainers’ll thank you for it


    • Don’t forget your toothbrush – where better than in a list that helps you brush up on sneaker-cleaning than to reveal the big hack that’s using a toothbrush? Yes, this implement’s size, shape and ergonomic ease-of-use ensures you can use one adeptly to get to those hard-to-clean zones of your trainer; along with the toothbrush then, use warm water, a little soap and only ever scrub gently


    • Hand-wash your laces – cleaning your trainers properly is all about caring for them and ensuring they last in (as near to) mint condition for as long as possible, so (as with the trainers themselves) don’t toss their white laces into the washing machine for a soak and harsh tumble; the laces really may be too delicate for that, in which case then, the way to go is to hand-wash them in warm, soapy water and leave them to dry naturally


    • A little shampoo can go a long way – yes, shampoo is, indeed, your friend when it comes to white sneakers and that means that, when partnered with the aforementioned combo that’s a toothbrush or cloth and warm, soapy water, it’s perfect for removing oily grease (perhaps picked up from crossing the road or due to food or drink you may have accidently allowed to drip on your super-duper white sneakers)


    • Use bleach? Surely not – well, actually, so long as you properly dilute it in water, yes, you can use a little bleach on your sneakers for cleaning purposes; the advice here is to create a mix of five parts water to just one part bleach and then, again, use a toothbrush to gently rub at the surface of the trainers, rinsing them with warm water when you’re finished and allowing them to dry naturally


    • Don’t leave your trainers outdoors (especially in the summer) – like it or not, just wearing your trainers outside exposes them to ultraviolet (UV) rays, thus leading to inevitable sun-fading and discolouring; it’s far better then, to limit their exposure to sunlight by storing them in a cool, dark place indoors.
  • Winter Gift Ideas: Fancy Footwear For Men

    So, Christmas may now be behind us and we may well be in the depths of winter, for better or worse, but life verily goes on. And that means that birthdays and myriad celebrations and opportunities for gift-giving pop up quite frequently this side of the Christmas season. So, what if you’ve the birthday of the man in your life or of a cherished male relative just around the corner? What’s the ideal present for their big day? Well, how about a pair of terrific shoes? Great idea, eh! The one snag is knowing what sort of footwear will suit them best – and that may well depend on what sort of person, dress-wise, they are…

    For the practically minded man – winter boots

    Any man about town should be concerned with fashion and style; of course, he should. But, at this time of year, when the weather fluctuates and can deliver wind and heavy rain one day and frost and ice the next and even snow the day after that, sensible footwear should also be a priority. And these two facets of shoe design need not be mutually exclusive because, in many men’s winter boot types, they blend together seamlessly to create a truly beautiful item that’s both great-looking and great-to-wear on your feet during the most hostile time of the year (weather-wise, that is!).

    So what winter boot to go for? Well, an old favourite unquestionably are men’s chukka boots, the best-made of which combine reliable wear with enduring style. That said, you might also opt for a dressier option via the traditional Italian leather boot, which tends to look great when partnered with woollen suits and winter coats. These are the winter boots to crack out when you’ve an event to attend and you can get away with wearing a warmer alternative to smart-smart polished shoes.

    From a sheer practicality standpoint, though, you might want to look at the manufacture of any boot that catches your eye. For instance, what kind of leather does it contain? Is it waterproof? Does it feature seals to keep the rain out? And how tough is it? Does it have proper toecaps? And how strong is the stitching? Get all this right and you’ll probably find a pair that’s just as suited to romping on a moor as they are to a night out on the town.

    For the well-dressed man – monk shoes

    Those who like to keep things dressy whatever the time of year will be well served by the versatile monk shoe. Manufactured from high-quality leather, many brands’ monk shoe offerings deliver not just sartorial style, but also support and comfort in abundance (rubber soles ensure they’re ideal for late-night loafing as well as about-town walking during the day).

    Something of an exclusive footwear choice no more than five years ago, monk shoes – with their distinctive single- or double-buckle-strap over the top of the shoe’s upper; doing away with the need for laces – are now de rigeur among those who like the idea of injecting a fair bit of style into both their office and smart attire. They go brilliantly with both blazers and smart-casual wear (e.g. dark jeans, a sweater and a dress-down blazer).

    Moreover, their affordability today hasn’t seen a shrinkage in quality leather choices; customers being able to choose between the likes of premium leather, burnished leather, suede leather and even sheepskin leather. If it’s true that the most regularly noticed item a man wears are his shoes, then what better reason to opt for a monk shoe?

    For the smart-casual man – brogue shoes

    Fair dos, not everybody out there is the dressy-dressy sort. Many have, for good and obvious reason, embraced the liberal loosening of styles not just in the workplace but in society in general over the last couple of decades. The result of which being more and more men might be (more or less) described as ‘smart-casual men’. But this does beg the question, what should their default footwear option be?

    Well, there are many opinions on this and, of course, every individual should choose the shoe for everyday wear with which they’re most comfortable and which suits their personal style most. That said, one type of shoe that nowadays perfectly fits in the ‘smart-casual’ category is the brogue. Too often overlooked in these terms, brogues – it’s fair to say – are really too informal (thanks to their punch-patterned ‘broguing’ on the top of the upper) for dressy events when compared to proper dress shoes; and, eclectically, they’re rather more style-oriented.

    And, while there are certainly exclusive, expensive versions out there, courtesy of the most expensive brands, there are undoubtedly high-quality but affordable versions available too – for instance, men’s brogue boots and more that you can find among our selection here at Mr Shoes.

    All good then; but if you like the idea of turning to brogues as your men’s casual shoes of choice, what should you definitely avoid doing? Well, you’re ‘don’ts’ must include not mixing a pair with a black tie (or white tie) suit; for this look, you’ll need a full-out formal shoe – Oxfords at a minimum, for instance. And be careful with wingtips too (the full brogue style, where the patterned toe cap extends all the way back along the lengths of the shoe) because, at the far more casual end of the clothing spectrum, chunky wingtips go well with jeans, but far more stylised wingtips can look a bit OTT when matched with simple, down-to-earth denim.

  • Get the skinny on the best footwear for skinny jeans

    In recent times, skinny jeans have become so popular in women’s fashion that they’ve become simply ubiquitous. How many women do you tend to see regularly wearing them? Exactly. And yet, while they seem to go with everything (every other garment you might choose to wear), what exactly is the best footwear to put together with a pair of blue or black denim skinnies?

    Trainers, flats, heels, sandals, pointed-toes or ankle boots? It’s a conundrum putting together the right shoe, boot or stiletto with any number of different items from your wardrobe, so is it any easier with skinny jeans? Well, happily enough, the answer’s yes. That said, it’s arguably all about *how* you do it too. What smart sartorial touches you abide by when creating an outfit whose bottom half is made up of skinny jeans with the footwear of your choice. Read on and you’ll understand exactly what we mean…

    • Classic trainers – Fish and chips, strawberries and cream and Romeo and Juliet; all perfect partnerships… and add to that list classic sneakers and skinny jeans; they truly are the ideal combo when it comes to below-the-waist casual-wear, as the look they give off is so timeless you can partner a pair of blue skinnies with any modern take on a ‘classic’ trainer design (either in terms of style or colour) and it’ll still come up smelling of roses


    • Slip-on sneakers – a sort of halfway-house that’s neither a trainer nor a chic slipper, but something all of its own, the slip-on sneaker offers a comfy-looking, home-away-from-home footwear choice than somehow blends utter casualness with a chic twist; throwing on a pair with skinny jeans then makes for a more than fitting combo


    • Loafers – despite their name, loafers are actually a particularly stylish, even sophisticated footwear choice (not least thanks to their masculine origins), but when paired with skinny jeans they can help created a wonderful, effortless-looking smart-casual look that’s simply perfect for tootling about the town (or city) during the day; they tend to be super-comfy too, thus ideal for wearing when you’re travelling long distances but still want to look properly on-trend


    • Pointed-toe flat shoes – glamorous and chic with a touch of unexpected style, pointed flats can look great with skinnies, so long as you go for a pair in bright and bold colours (don’t forget they’re flats; without heels their style can go unnoticed in more neutral shades)


    • Pointed-toe pumps – It’s all about the elegance with this look; by their nature, pumps (despite their comfort and simplicity) carry an undeniable air of sophistication, so paired with tight-fitting jeans and a pale-coloured blouse, a pair of dark pointed-toe pumps’ll go perfectly


    • Ankle boots – this most versatile of boot types is, of course, universal, but instead of choosing dark or neutral-coloured Marco Tozzi boots, why not instead plump for a pair of them in lighter, brighter colours? This is a look that should totally work so long as you complement the bold shades of the boots with similar – or pretty much the same – colours for your accessories (two or three of the likes of these: a lightweight jacket, a handbag, a clutch, earrings, a brooch or so on).


    • Strappy stilettos – or, frankly, any kind of strappy high-heeled shoes (whatever the width or height of the heels) would qualify equally here; if you fancy adding a touch of glam to your outfit, this is definitely the footwear choice to opt for, as it’s perfect for an urban chic look for a night on the tiles or a dress-down house party


    • Sandals (flats) – just as with strappy heels, the non-heeled option enables you to show off your feet and toes in the warmer months and they look terrific with skinny jeans (just as they do, in fact, with wider-legged and flared jeans, especially when you’re aiming for a boho-cum-hippy look), but just be sure that your jeans don’t scrunch up at the ankles because that’s a look you seriously don’t want and, to be honest, scrunching up at the bottom is a big no-no with all skinny jeans, if you can help it


    • Sock boots – these types of boots are ideal for tucking in the bottom of your skinnies (yes, a fine way to avoid scrunching!), but the real reason for pairing these boots with them and the tucking-in is because it’s all surprisingly effective at elongating your legs… and who doesn’t want that? To be fair, though, you can try tucking your skinny jeans into the tops of any boots you give a go at pairing them with; for instance, ankle boots, stiletto boots or, to be more specific, Mustang boots or even Doc Martens.
  • Wedding Day Dream Outfits And Nuptial No-gos

    Getting invited to a wedding is always a delightful and exciting thing to happen to you. Not least because implicit in the invitation is the offer for you to dress up – not dress up like you’re going to a big, all-important business meeting at 9am on a Monday morning; no, *properly* dress up. That is, pull out from your wardrobe or go out and buy that ultimate statement dress or that unbeatable top, trouser and jacket outfit that just looks too good to resist.

    However, there is one big thing you must avoid – it’s obvious, but depending how sophisticated, sexy, beautiful and irresistible you go with your outfit, it may be easier to overlook and forget than you think; in short, it’s not your day so don’t upstage the bride. But what else? What other wedding day dress hacks and nuptial clothing tips are there? Well, why not try these on for size…

    • Dressing for success in a dress is always a win-win – it may be the most predictable option, of course, but you really can’t go wrong with a dress when attending a wedding; so, should you be finding it just too much of a headache to put together that ideal combo of top, trousers, jacket and shoes, merely pull out that fave statement dress from your wardrobe, pairing it with heels and lipstick


    • Longer hemlines usually work best – remember the kind of event you’re attending; a wedding isn’t a night out clubbing, so bear in mind that a hemline around the knee’s ability to look conservatively sexy (as it were) will pretty much always be more suitable for a wedding than will be an above-the-knee number and, of course, should you pick out a dress with an irregular hemline that’s not ‘too short’ but shows some more leg then you’ll nicely straddle the line here


    • Lace? Go bold or go home – as noted, the golden sartorial rule at weddings is not to clash, let alone upstage the bride, so while lace and embroidery is ordinarily fine, be sure any on your dress/ outfit isn’t white, cream or ivory (that is, if it’s a white wedding); the way to go then is via boldly coloured lace, textured layers or sequins


    • Paint it black? – gone are the days when it was an absolute no-no to wear black to any type of wedding; today, in the ultra-modern era of smartphones, apps, Pinterest and podcasts, we are (all of us) far more aware of what’s acceptable when it comes to ‘bolder’ fashion choices and, thus, more accepting, so, in short, dress in black if it takes your fancy


    • Go armed with a clutch bag – weddings are, naturally, the ideal occasion to ensure you achieve that all-too-rarely-achievable combination, sophistication and glamour (again, so long as you don’t upstage the bride!), so big, cumbersome handbags, however much you love (and feel you can’t survive without) yours, really are no-go, which means cutting out the heavy accessories for just one day and taking along items that’ll nicely fit in a clutch bag instead


    • Choose sexy but sensible heels – whoever’s nuptials they are, weddings are all about dressing up to (something near) the ‘nth’ degree, so if you want to wear killer heels, why shouldn’t you? One thing to bear in mind, though, they ought to give off an elegant vibe along with the rest of your outfit and, arguably most importantly, they must be comfortable, as you’ll be wearing them all day long (so, by all means, take a look through our offerings at Mr Shoes – Ruby Shoo wedding shoes are a great place to start)


    • Remember, it’s not your day – yes, as mentioned once or twice already, wedding’s may be all about dressing up to the nines, but before you indulge yourself as much as possible, be mindful of whose day it actually is; this means then that, should you really not be 100% sure about the total suitability of your intended outfit, it’s fine and indeed thoughtful to check with the bride and see what she thinks and feels (just be sure not to bother her in the last couple of weeks before her big day; that wouldn’t be the most thoughtful thing to do given how incredibly busy she’s likely to be!)


    • White’s still not right – opting for a primarily black outfit may be perfectly acceptable at weddings today, but if it’s a white wedding you’ll be attending, as noted above, it’s still a bad idea to choose a white outfit (however big an element of it may be white, cream, ivory or alabaster); it’s simply incredibly bad form to look like you’re thoughtless enough to possibly upstage the bride, let alone actually do it, so definitely do not sit down in your pew at the service in a full-length white number!


  • The Ultimate Conundrum? Ideas For What To Wear On A Date

    Finally! You’ve plucked up the courage to talk to that gorgeous guy in Accounts and… he’s only said yes to going out on a date! You’re on Cloud Nine – but then you’ve suddenly come back down to earth with a bump… as you realise you’ve got to work out what to wear on the date. Eek! Sure, you fretted over which evening to make it, the location and buying those mints so your breath remains fresh whatever you eat (i.e. garlic), but – seriously – goodness knows what outfit is actually going to be right. It’s a conundrum, all right. No, more than that; it’s an enigma.

    Because, if you’re a fashionable sort, putting together the correct outfit and getting the look right for that all-important date may be among the trickiest, most challenging and brain-racking, nay mind-melting tasks you can face. To follow the trends of the moment and the advice of the hottest bloggers out there in the Internet ether? Or to raid your wardrobe for some old favourites you might be able to pair together? Or to hit the high street immediately? Or even to start off in desperation by turning to Pinterest for some initial ideas? It’s a minefield, all right; a gigantic minefield.

    Well, fear not, for help is at hand in the form of these following suggestions for not just appropriate, but stunning date-wear. Each of them is made up of at least some garments or footwear you’re already bound to own and, thus, none of them should be too difficult to throw together and so ensure you wow that handsome chap from Accounts:

    • A romantic dress with traditional accessories (i.e. a gold-plated bracelet and vintage bag) – this combination simply oozes that perfect blend of sophistication and sensuality; not too much of either, but just enough of both and perfectly balanced; you might choose to go with red for your dress, both for maximum impact and because it tends to suit, well, pretty much everybody


    • A satin blouse with leather trousers and heeled shoes – instantly stylish and sexy in its appearance, this outfit’s all about dressing to impress; a frilly gold blouse, black trousers (just remember they need to be comfortable enough to spend a few hours in!) and killer stilettos would be on the money, all right

    • A fashionable jumpsuit with elegant heeled boots – this one’s perfect for winter because, although it won’t show off any discreet skin, it’ll look so good it won’t matter; its effortless trendiness giving off that smart-casual vibe should prove all-conquering, especially if you colour-coordinate a sleek jumpsuit with women’s heeled ankle boots


    • A designer trench coat with stylish skinny jeans and cool loafers – again, this outfit’s all about urban chic, but also looks a little dressed-down at the same time (thanks to the jeans and the loafers; although the slim lines of the jeans and the androgyny of the loafers combine with the trench coat – Burberry perhaps? – to suggest true sophistication)


    • A roll-neck sweater with a midi dress and cute ankle boots – a look that screams you love fashion and you don’t care who knows it, this combo is also deceptively versatile; for instance, putting a lightweight neutral-coloured roll-neck together with a ‘statement’ midi dress (possibly with a bold pattern or maybe checked and preferably with a slit; the real focal point of the outfit) and a pair of irresistible ankle boots with a short heel would be ideal


    • A biker-style leather jacket with skinny jeans and stilettos – nothing beats a genuine classic look and this one deserves that moniker, all right, for it’s all about perfect style suggesting a touch of urban edge; to be fair, such a black leather jacket will go with any and everything, not least a pair of black skinny jeans (the same, in fact, can be said for them), while a pair of statement-making high heels (black or, for contrast, red or pink) will top things off perfectly


    • A smart blouse with track bottoms and stylish heels – do you fancy really mixing it up so you make clear on your date you’re not a plain Jane and you do your own thing? If so, this is the outfit for you; the pale blouse could be equally worn for a day in the office, while the heels might be elegant boots, strappy sandals or killer stilettos and, of course, finally the striped joggers ought to have something of a fashionable cut and dash to them. A different look, for sure – but why ever not!

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