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Womens High Heels

About Womens High Heels
Angled from the back and curved forward the banana heel gets its name from its similarity to the curved shape of the banana, however it goes without saying that the banana heel is far more stylish than the fruit. Banana heels have been slowly creeping into our attention for a while now - they’ve already been spotted on the likes of Victoria Beckham, Beyonce and the mighty Lady Gaga – but this is the season that they will burst into the spot light. Whether you’re wearing shoes, platforms, boots or sandals, this season there is only one thing you need to remember – does the heel have a banana curve? Perhaps the most wearable sculptural shoe style, banana heels will be at the top of every girl’s shopping list. The curved shape of the banana heel is instantly recognisable, which makes these rounded shaped beauties perfect for when you want to stand out on nights in town and at parties. Banana heels are a sure way to add chic-ness and sophistication to your look. Wear them as the main focus of a simple outfit or as a way to update your favourite little black dress.At Mr Shoes UK we have a fantastic collection of banana heels for you to lust-over. As we’re always dedicated to bring our customers all the latest styles for less, you’ll discover a must-have range of banana heels at that every shoe addict can afford. The curvy banana heel is the heel shape of the moment! So what are you waiting for? Head over to our fabulous collection and, if you excuse the pun, ‘go bananas’ over a new pair of banana heels.