Battle Royal: Dr Martens vs. Creepers

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Battle Royal: Dr Martens vs. Creepers

Posted By: Rosie Savage, 23 April 2012

Both have recently skyrocketed in popularity, both stem from the Second World War, and both have the power to add androgynous edge to any outfit: Dr Martens and Creepers. But which one to choose?

The iconic Dr Martens brand was the brainchild of Dr Klaus
Märtens in 1945 when he was on leave. He injured his ankle – from skiing
nonetheless – and found that his army boots were too uncomfortable, so he
designed some improvements in the form of soft leather and air-padded soles
made from tyres. Sound familiar? 

Today, this same boot is available in high-top or ankle length, and in a myriad of colours and designs: bright pink, floral, tartan, patent white, galaxy print and coveted black, to name a few.


The brothel creeper was first worn by soldiers in North Africa. Thanks to the conditions, suede boots with hardwearing crepe soles were essential, and when these soldiers returned home they found themselves in top nightspots of good ol’ London town – the perfect place for a shoe trend to take off, no? Since then, they were popular with Teddy Boys in the 1950s, and with Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood’s ‘Let It Rock’ shop customers in the eighties.

No longer limited to certain subcultures (ska, punk, goth...) the creeper went
mainstream in 2011 thanks to the likes of Rihanna and Rita Ora.


As for how to work either of these footwear favourites, we
all know you just need a bit of rock ‘n’ roll appeal. Throw in some denim,
tartan, wear all-over black, ripped materials, over-the-knee socks, velvet, don
dip-dyed hair and leopard print.

 Creepers look great with a ladylike touch of frilly white ankle socks, while Dr Martens are made all the better with some patterned tights. In truth, there really are no rules.


Still can’t decide? We don’t think you have to. These edgy ladies
know how to have the best of both worlds...



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