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Chunky Staff Style

Posted By: , 18 June 2013

Today Helen and Tom strutted their stuff for a staff style! Both going for the chunky vibes on their feet, this is what they had to say for them selves:


I chose to wear a Siberia camouflage rolled sleeve pocket top witha pair of black skinny jeans and the Horton Brothel creepers.  It’s very smart/casual and comfortable aroundthe work place, its plain but effective and looks good.  The outfit works because the white and black combination creates a stand out contrast. Personally this is my favorite type of outfit, because its simple and practical.


Today I wanted to wear my wine velvet leggings as they are so cool and as they are masterpiece, I thought that I will leave the rest pretty simple so I opted for a big baggy tee, chunky gold chain and
these chunky strappy heels. With a palette of only 3 colours I think these all complement each other pretty well. The heels are really comfy and definitely a day to night shoe! 

Easy to wear and totally on trend, the chunky choice is a no brainer when it comes to personality and versatility. 


Get Your Feet Festival-Ready

Posted By: Rosie Savage, 26 February 2013

Festival line-ups are fast coming in - hello Beyoncé at V Festival and Elton John at Bestival - and we're finding that festival fever is already starting to take over our entire office. In fact, we're so excited that we've made some festival fashion pages for you. Shop women's festival footwear here and men's festival footwear here.

Full of sandals, colourful designs, Toms, wellies, crochet beauties, canvas trainers, jellies and creepers, there's certainly lots to tempt you with. 

What's your go-to festival footwear of choice? And which festivals are you planning on going to this year?

Once Upon A Time...

Posted By: Rosie Savage, 08 February 2013

...there was a girl obsessed with all things androgynous. Don't think she wasn't girly. Hand over something gold or sparkly and you'll have lost it forever. But one thing she did love was chunky boots. You can imagine her happiness on the day she met Felix

Felix was clever. Yet fierce. Somehow edgy and oh-so-cool. He was chunky too; just her thing. Mixing a brothel creeper aesthetic with ankle-length, he knew just how to please. And they've been blissfully happy ever since. They've gone shopping together, on plenty of chilly winter walks, enjoyed a bevvy or five down the pub... they're inseparable. In fact, they plan on enjoying a lot more time together come summer.

One thing's for sure:  they're going to live happily ever after.

And The Sky Was Made Of Amethyst

Posted By: Rosie Savage, 06 February 2013

You'll be ever so pleased to know that our lilac creepers will be back in stock soon! The popular pastel beauties took a hiatus because, quite frankly, they were loved to death. But they're set to return with some pals in tow: pairs and pairs of pink creepers. You heard us right. Goodness knows how you'll decided between the two girly shades... perhaps you'll have to nab them both.

They're absolutely perfect for spring and are surprisingly easy to style. Here's some top-notch style inspiration for when you, undoubtedly, add them to your shoedrobe...

Will you go for lilac, pink or both? How do you plan on styling your creepers?

Buy Loved Ones Shoes This Christmas

Posted By: Rosie Savage, 18 December 2012

It's exactly one week until Christmas and the country is pretty much divided into two distinct groups: the "YES! OH MY GOODNESS! I AM SO EXCITED! SOMEONE CALM ME DOWN BEFORE I COMBUST!" lot versus the "Calm down. I haven't even started shopping yet." crew. If the latter is the case or even if you've just got the odd gift left to purchase, you've come to the right place. Shoes make the perfect Christmas present and here at Mr Shoes we have the perfect offer to ensure those last-minute buys don't break the bank: it's 'buy one get one half price' across ALL shoes.

Whether you're making someone's dreams come true with the comfiest pair of slippers around (Bedroom Athletics, FYI) or you're going to treat someone to a pair of creepers, Lita-like heels or Dr Martens, we've got you covered. You've even got until Friday to decide which pairs you want too. Order before 12pm on Friday 21st December and you'll receive them in time for Christmas. Wonderful!

Are you excited for Christmas?

Staff Style | FELIX Brothel Creeper Ankle Boots

Posted By: Rosie Savage, 14 December 2012

I've totally found a new favourite pair of shoes. You've probably seen me in the JODI Creeper Chelsea Boots because I wear them practically every day, so I decided to get the FELIX Brothel Creeper Ankle Boots too. They're similar in style but feature more creeper tendencies from the set of D-rings to the laces and defined structure. 

What's perfect about these creeper ankle boots is that they seriously go with everything. I'm having a bit of a lazy day today so decided to pair them simply with an oversized vintage jumper, bobbly scarf and a black bodycon skirt. But they'll go with girly dresses, shorts, jeans (they look especially good when they're of the boyfriend fit) and pretty much anything in your wardrobe.

Ideal for winter but perfect for the summer months with bare legs too, I've definitely found a style of shoe that works for me. What's your go-to signature shoe? Are you a creepers girl through-and-through as well, or do you favour boots, pumps or heels?

Staff Style | JODI Creeper Chelsea Boots Take #2

Posted By: Rosie Savage, 03 December 2012

The JODI Creeper Chelsea Boots made their way into my life back in September when I attended Brownstock Festival and they are, by far, my most worn pair of shoes since then. Unbelievably comfortable, androgynously stylish and possessing a go-with-everything aesthetic, these creeper/chelsea boot hybrids are an absolute godsend. 

I've shown you them before with shorts when temperatures were being slightly kinder, but here they are in a completely different way. They work wonders with a slouchy and oversized get-up. I paired them with a contrasting sleeves top and velvet printed treggings; simple yet effective.

With an entirely monochrome outfit - a concept rather alien to the colour-loving me - I needed a touch of girliness: cue a dash of lipstick and bit of tacky sparkle. Well, it is nearly Christmas isn't it?

Happy December everyone - what will your go-to shoes be this festive month?

Get The Look | Ella Henderson

Posted By: Rosie Savage, 12 November 2012

It seems that Ella Henderson gets better and better every week on The X Factor. The 16 year-old finalist wowed in auditions with her own song and an interpretation of Cher's 'Believe', while the live shows have seen her take on songs such as 'You've Got The Love' and Katy Perry's 'Firework'. 

This past weekend saw her sing Tinie Tempah's 'Written In The Stars' and she completely bossed the results show ensuring her place for next week. Experiencing utter joy on the Sunday, she wore a black and gold mini dress with accompanying platform wedge creepers; a pair very similar to our VIVEE Platform Wedge Creepers.

Ideal if you're in love with the creeper trend but can't escape your feminine tendencies, these wedges - which measure to 4¾ inches - are a dream creation. Get Ella's look with the black pair or, if you're more into colour, go for the burgundy ones.

What do you think of Ella Henderson's style? Are you a fan of the VIVEE Platform Wedge Creepers?

Spotted Shoe Style

Posted By: Rosie Savage, 29 October 2012

October has seen some pretty fab shoe looks. So fab, in fact, that I'm going to bundle three celebrities together for you to get some truly great style inspiration. First up is model Suki Waterhouse who attended the opening night of the Tim Walker: Story Teller exhibition at Somerset House earlier this month. She manages to make a simple combo of a lace dress and leather biker jacket to look seriously unique with a pair of brothel creepers. [Here at Mr Shoes we have similar statement-making creepers with tartan, leopard print or zebra print aprons but go for our BRITANNIA Union Jack Brothel Creepers if you'd like to give Suki's look a real go.]

Cheryl Cole has provided a little lesson on how to incorporate this season's leather into your everyday wardrobe. Her studded, leather, lace-up boots match her pleated leather skirt and poking-out leather collar perfectly, no? Similarly apply a loose tee or knit to casj it down a bit. For something a little different, look to French actress Lea Seydoux. The blonde beauty matched her shocking pink heels with an equally shocking pink lipstick - perfect.

Will you be giving any of these shoe looks a try?

Halloween Hoofs

Posted By: Rosie Savage, 24 October 2012

Halloween is exactly one week today so if you haven't sussed out a costume yet, you better get cracking. Whether you're out for a round of trick or treating, off to a spooky party, taking part in a ghost walk or simply staying in with a classic horror movie, it's such fun pretending to be someone else for the night; and namely giving others a right good fright too. 

You may be focused on wigs, temporary tattoos, capes and pale make-up but every element of the outfit matters - even your footwear. Mr Shoes has such a variety of stock that you'll undoubtedly find a pair to match...

Fancy yourself as Wednesday or Pugsley Addams? Those terrors are synonymous with chunky, manly, black boots that make them the tough kids they are. Why not truly rock The Addams Family look with some Dr Martens? Try the 9733 Lamper Boots for Wednesday and the 1460 Boots for Pugsley. 

Not a dog-lover? 'Cruella De Vil, Cruella De Vil, if she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will!' The black and white haired villain is a fan of the red kitten heel so try our GLORIA Mid Heel Platform Shoes in patent red.

How amazing would a Frankenstein or Bride of Frankstein costume look with creepers? Perfect for clomping around in, we have the HORTON Brothel Creepers for the guys and - for extra height - the girls can opt for the RAYANNE Double Sole Brothel Creepers

And the Halloween shoe shopping fun doesn't stop there. The BLOWFISH Sassa Vintage Pumps in orange are ideal if you're planning on pumpkin-ing it up, while the HUSH PUPPIES Vivianna Boots are ideal witch material, no? Happy Halloween!

Mr Shoes Creepers Got Panda Makeovers For The X Factor

Posted By: Rosie Savage, 15 October 2012

You may have heard talk that a pair of Mr Shoes creepers made it onto The X Factor this past weekend. Sorry - have we harped on too much already? Just give us this one last moment in the spotlight, please? Our HORTON Brothel Creepers made it onto perhaps the most memorable performance of the night on Saturday courtesy of Rylan Clark. The Essex-born finalist - who caused more than a little controversy last week when he escaped elimination - sang a mash-up of songs in a fashion frenzy. Not only did 8 Karl Lagerfeld's sit facing 8 Anna Wintour's with a catwalk inbetween, but Rylan was joined by a pack of pandas.

While the lady pandas rocked long black boots, the male pandas - in white suits, black shirts, white wigs and darling panda ears - wore our very own HORTON Brothel Creepers, albeit with a little moderation. The shoe apron on each pair was painted white resulting in a panda makeover.

Check out Rylan's performance (and our wonderful HORTON Brothel Creepers) here:

What do you think? Will you be customising your creepers in a similar way? It's actually giving us all sorts of ideas for Halloween...

New In | The HANNA In White

Posted By: Rosie Savage, 04 October 2012

Thankfully, creepers are still in. So in. Wear them to your heart's content in the lead-up to winter with socks, tights and all kinds of layers - what could be better? With so many colours and finishes to choose from in the creeper department, it's a wonder to know which pair to opt for next. For us, it's all about the white creeper right now.

Our HANNA Brothel Creepers are super super popular. Selling out on numerous occasions for their funky cut, comfort and can't-knock-it price (they're just £26.99) they're a fab pair of brothel creepers. We currently have sizes left in just the burgundy, black, apple green and royal blue styles so we figured we might as well introduce a white pair into the mix.

Adding a punky edge to any outfit, they look killer with a pair of black tights or over-the-knee socks no? Of course, rolled-down socks are still a great option with creepers - check out the girls in low denier tights and black socks. Push the look further with brightly dyed locks and rock 'n' roll accessories.

What do you make of our new white creepers?

Staff Style | JODI Creeper Chelsea Boots

Posted By: Rosie Savage, 13 September 2012

I may have already mentioned by JODI Creeper Chelsea Boots to you, but I felt they deserved a dedication all to themselves. A seriously good pair of shoes, they've been attached to my feet ever since I bought them; honestly, anyone would think super glue was involved. 

They're the perfect choice if, like me, you think the traditional creeper style just doesn't suit you. A creeper/Chelsea boot hybrid, they work wonders with the upcoming season's grunge-fuelled aesthetic too.

They definitely go with anything but today I chose to wear them with a black tights/white frilly socks combo and my high-waisted tie-dye denim shorts. With the addition of the khaki and faux leather jacket (my new favourite clothing item) as well as my spikey necklace and a vampy lip, the boots were worn as intended; with a little grrrl power.

Do you own a pair of creepers yet? If not, these are great choice if you want easing in...

Shoe Porn

Posted By: Rosie Savage, 17 August 2012

There's nothing we love more than perusing websites in search of well-dressed feet. Pretty much addicts, we are, when it comes to shoe porn. And these latest finds are sure to set your tongues a-wagging too...

We're particularly harbouring crushes on... well, all of them, let's face it.

Have you fallen madly in love with a pair of shoes lately? If not, take a look at these beauts.

Win A Pair Of Creepers!

Posted By: Rosie Savage, 02 August 2012

Still the shoes on everybody's lips, a pair of creepers are the epitome of style. And Mr Shoes have decided to host a giveaway - fancy a pair for free? Of course you do. If you're on Facebook or Twitter, click below for details:

Or if you're more into Tumblr, click here:

Or if you have a true hankering for a delicious pair of creepers, why not 'Like', 'Tweet' AND 'Reblog'?

The winner will get a choice too. You could be the proud owner of any creeper from our HANNA and SUZI ranges. Which one would you pick if you were the lucky winner?


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